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Facebook is the second most visited site in the world. Just from that sentence alone you should be hopping on and creating a Fanpage for your business. But before you do that, you need to get some good old inspiration. Now whatever your business is, Facebook Fanpages are not all the same. Unlike Twitter, Facebook has more usable features than just status updates. You should explore these features and plan out how you will intergrade them with your design. Below we have listed a variety of different examples. Keep in mind the Fanpages below are specific for their business, so you can’t just copy them and think they will work for your business. Once you set up your Fanpage you can advertise it, you can also have giveaways like:

1,000 fans = prize.

5,000 fans = bigger prize.

10,000 fans = Massive prize.

Just a thought.

1. Schedulicity

2. JeffDunham

3. Slightlystoopid

4. Victoriassecret

5. Livescribe

6. Realisingdesigns

7. Dcgraphics

8. Cranium

9. LancomeGermany

10. Coca Cola

11. Threadless

12. Starbucks

13. LakeNonaPools

14. PixInkDesign

15. Burtsbees

16. KaplanSAT

17. Coach

18. Rius

19. Vitaminwater

20. Lennykravitz

21. Boardbungee

22. Thechildrensplace

23. CadillacRanchTempe

24. On-Your-Own-Adventures

25. Honda

26. Dell

27. NFL

28. Vizio

29. Adobe

30. Muse

31. Lacoste

32. Jonessoda

33. 7scouts

34. DunkinDonuts

35. Skittles

36. Cheetos

37. Redbull

38. RevisionEyewear

39. WONKAR-Candy

40. Atlantis

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. Here’s a page I’m working on, for a hip hop producer : I’ll be adding a banner for the landing page later on.

  2. Great pages here, really helped with the LINE-X FB page I developed here:
    Once you like the page check it out again to see a subtle change in design.

  3. We’d love to show off the design we just made for our new facebook page at or you can link from the icon on our website Thanks for looking!

  4. Cranium is the best, love it.

  5. Hey.

    Here is my own one.

    It’s not good as any one of those above.
    But I still rocks! 🙂

    Thanks .

  6. Hi All, Just finished our FIRST iFrame Facebook custom design. I am still working on it but some feedback would be greatly appreciated!
    Great article…wonderful inspiration pieces!

  7. Just started working with custom facebook fan pages. Check out this one Would love to hear feedback on it.

  8. Hey, tell us what you think of our page?!?!

  9. I like Honda’s Fan page, simple, concise, detailed & well-organized.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. These are great examples. Another great one is Kenra. It was designed by & The Momentum Group. Check it out:

  11. Some of these designs are pretty and definitely inspirational. I think that you not only have to focus on creating an attractive page though: you have to be able to offer deals and incentives to get people to like your page and engage with them. If you’re going to use a service like to gain more fans you should really have a nice-looking and USEFUL landing page on it that explains some of the reasons to join your page. I think that coupons and special offers work best, but there are also other types of incentives that can be created depending on your business. With how important Facebook is to businesses nowadays I think a lot of young designers can make a pretty successful business out of doing nothing other than designing attractive Facebook pages.

  12. An incredible Tool for all Network-Marketer to create Fanpages on Facebook
    Read my Review http://income-hybrid-software.?
    I also added a Video there to give you a look Inside

  13. Existe una aplicación llamada MITUCAN que sirve para crear una web completa dentro de facebook, de manera TOTALMENTE GRATUITA. Podrás crear una Landing Page para tu Fan Page de facebook con un acabado profesional y 100% editable con gestor de contenidos. Se instala en segundos y es muy sencilla de utilizar. Podeis echarle un vistazo en la web oficial o buscandola en facebook. Espero os sirva de ayuda. Saludos

  14. Excelente nota, voy a tomar muchas ideas para mi pagina en face, espero y actualicen las imagenes en forma constante. Saludos desde Cancun, Mexico.

  15. Just finished ours not to long ago. It isn’t Starbucks or Skittles, but rather amazing for a smaller business. Took full advantage of the iFrame capabilities. –

  16. Hey!
    Put this landing page on the list of inspiration works:
    What you think about that?
    Óscar Roriz

  17. Guys, I recommend you visit June Spring Multimedia’s Facebook page. It deserves to be in this list!

  18. waht click the picture and like it ^^?

  19. We’ve just finished our Interactive Facebook page, would appreciate any feedback if you ‘Likes’:

  20. A simple one from my facebook

    Still at learning stage.

  21. You know, associates of mine are beginning to develop entire sections of their business that are based on creating Facebook fanpages for their clients. Me? I just deactivated my account after the F8 conference. I suppose I’ll regret it and get a fanpage up again, but for now I’m too annoyed…

  22. Thanks for all these ideas! We’re building a new FB landing page and really need these ideas!

  23. Excellent examples. I have also put together a few Fan page examples here:

  24. Some great examples but agree with James the Lemsip Man Flu app is truly awesome!

  25. Good inspiring collection this. I think you should add another one to this list:

  26. I would like to add my design too… The design is no less than the above listed

  27. Great examples are all bundled together. Coca cola in my opinion has a killer fan book page .

  28. I’m currently in the process of designing a Facebook page for my customer and this list really helped – thank you so much!

  29. Thank you Igor for sharing these samples, some of these designs have inspired me and i did include some concepts in my portfolio for fan pages design i have included near 500 samples for pages i designed within the course of this year, all available at Please feel free too check them out and any comments are welcome!

  30. What do you think about the facebook page of my website?

  31. Hey some inspirational pages here, this one is awesome too!

  32. We just designed the FB Fan Page for Mingle Trips (the easiest way to meet new people while traveling). Hope you like it.

  33. I build the fanpage for website It is so simple and i’ve got 200 liker after 05 days. Please give me advice to improve it. Check out it here

  34. i like the examples..but these are big players.. we relied on our inhouse designers for smthin simple.. hope it works.. (finger’s crossed)

  35. found this page..was impressed by the neatness..can anyone make similar for my website?

  36. i think simple designs can work for small businesses…got an ex here from a company in CA.

  37. Awesome fan pages design,We also made our page stylish, please check it , if need any more improvement.

  38. Hi,

    I designed my facebook page also, hope you like it. I mean “like” it :o)

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