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  1. Nice Post. Great to see how the logo were created.

  2. I’m glad this opened your eyes!

  3. Great collection, really useful for me

  4. links do not work, you could fix?
    This article seems very interesting

  5. I love them! I like them because are simple but rich at the same time; just how the say “less is more”…

  6. Lovely collection of simple logo designs. They look so simple, but getting the ideas is so difficult.

  7. Really like Orb and Foehn & Hirsch.


  8. Fab collection of logos folks, I especially love Vividways, Sponsr and Homespun Chilli 🙂


  9. Love Smashing Network Badge simple and clean

  10. This is great. I’ve noticed that simple one dimensional logos are the most effective. Examples: Nike, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns, Mercedes, BMW, New York Yankees, etc.

    What do you think?

  11. These logos are amazing!!! It really makes me want to get back into photoshop and start designing again!!

  12. css and photoshop are art forms that make the web what it is. thanks igor and to everyone who contributes to the development of web design.

  13. My eyes shocked to see this really beautiful

  14. This post seems very interesting

  15. wow, thank you for this great collection! Very interesting and useful.

  16. Really nice I like to see it one more.

  17. Good sort of logos make this as inspiration towards great design. Thanks for sharing

  18. Loved the designs. This will definitely inspire me for my further work!


  19. This is awesome post! Great collection of super clean and professional logos, thanks for sharing!

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