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According to Google Trends, levitation photography has been on the rise since late 2010. This interesting concept was and still being used in various movies to impress the viewer. Liking the abstraction so much, photographers decided to replicate the same effect in their images. This small ‘floating’ movement spawned tons of unique concepts and ideas, that of which you’ll see below.

There are two-way to achieve this type of photography. One would be to simply jump in the air and have your buddy snap a shot of you. However this isn’t effective and just looks like you’re jumping. The goal is to make the viewer believe that you’re actually floating. The second way is to take two pictures and then blend the two exposures together via Photoshop. If you’re confused on how to achieve this trick, here is how it’s done:

  1. Set the camera on a tripod, to make sure the camera is steady.
  2. Prop the subject up in the air with books or a box, and take a picture.
  3. Remove the subject/props from the shooting area, and take a second picture.
  4. Open both pictures inside Photoshop and auto-align your layers.
  5. Select your top photo, the one with the props, and create a mask.
  6. Click on the paintbrush tool, select the black color, and paint the props away with a soft brush.
  7. Merge the two layers together and then you’re done!

For beginners check out this awesome video tutorial from Tony Northrup. It goes in-depth about levitation photography and provides an easy to follow tutorial.

Now that you’ve got an idea of how it’s done, it’s time to brainstorm. Today we collected thirty creative examples of levitation photography. We hope these photos will inspire you to try this on your own. Enjoy!

Dejando este suelo...

Photo levitation - Enjoy the moments.


levitation in daily



Impossible & Improbable

Photographer Levitation


Levitation series Kyoto



Selina - Levitation

Levitation Balloons over Lake

Levitation VI: Card Game

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