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What makes your day great?

For some, they imagine a great day to be extremely extraordinary. They would wake up with the love of their life right next to them, go to work and close more deals than they have ever closed before, and get an instant promotion because of their rising numbers. They would get an invitation to the best party they have ever attended, and go straight home just to find out that they have an awesome surprise waiting for them.

For others, a great day is more relaxing. It’s waking up with the sound of crashing waves in the background and the sight of fresh fruits and refreshing cocktails you can consume as your stretch out next to a deserted beach in paradise. You may also envision a mountain retreat, with the cold air making your cheeks blush and the majestic views making you thank the earth for having such wonderful resources.

For the rest, they see a great day as a simple, ordinary day where things are as seamless as possible. They wake up with their family and see their kids healthy and strong. They sail through an entire day at work and enjoy dinner with their loved ones the moment they reach home.

The definition of a great day differs from one person to another. Some see a regular day as special, while others look for something more than the usual. But if there’s one thing that’s the same for every person, it’s the fact that every great day would depend on your mindset.

One great way to have the perfect mindset to start the day right would be by getting inspiration from other people who have gone through bad days, survived, and gone back to know how to make good days happen more often.

Here are a few quotes that could help you make each day as great as possible. You can write each quote on post-it notes and scatter them all over your home. You can keep them in a journal that you can read every single time you wake up. You can even have posters made and hang them in places you frequent in, like your living room, your bedroom, or your office. It’s all up to you. The important thing is that you embrace these inspiring messages and understand that great days are not just about what happens to you – it’s also about how you set that specific day’s mindset so that you can see everything (no matter how ordinary) as special.

the trick is to enjoy life dont wish away your days waiting for better ones ahead

discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes

stars can shine without darkness

you cannot stop the waves but you can learn to surf

build a ship before you burn a bridge

if you dont know where you are going any road will get you there

You Are confined only by the walls you build yourself

Don't Quit Your Day Dream

great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion

be careful with your words once they are said they can be only forgiven not forgotten

holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die

life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage

why not go out on a limb thats where the fruit is

peace begins with a smile

life has no remote get up and change it yourself

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