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Capturing a moment in a snapshot is a real art, you have to be ready with your camera at the right moment and right place. Photographers who can achieve those shots are usually professionals who always keep their camera with them, constantly look for something to take a picture of and have the ability to snap a picture very quickly. Following you’ll find a collection of great shots that will blow your mind.

1. Alien

By Alexander Zubrickij

2. Poltergeist

By Pol Tergejst

3. Inquisitiveness

By Konstantin Smirnov

4. Longtail

By Alexander Semeonov

5. Tradition

By Mitchell Kanashkevich

6. Winter

By Carsten Witte

7. Back to the drops

By Drippy2009

8. London Eye

By Pip

9. Voices

By Serg DF

10. Fun

By Philip Le Masurier

11. Trees

By Kim Høltermand

12. Underwater dance

By Mark Mawson

13. Tunnel vision

By aravis121

14. Nature

By Meriol Lehmann

15. Bridge study

By Joel Tjintjelaar

16. I’ll make ya famous

By Tom Ryaboi

17. Cinque Terre

By Miran Kocjancic

18. Louvre

By Marc Peter

19. Streetview

By Marc Peter

20. Ice 2

By Marc Peter

21. Untitled

By Alessandro Giraldi

22. White Pocket

By Gleb Tarro

23. Evening Desert

By Jeffry Surianto

24. Telling Story

By Jeffry Surianto

25. Paradise

By Natalie Lu

26. Awakening

By Janez Tolar

27. Mesmerized by Beauty

By Amir Ghasemi

28. Nepal. October. Dawn

By Dmitry Shatrov

29. Bee

By Tomas Rak

30. A moment…

By David Fiscaleanu

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Posted by Mirko Humbert

Mirko Humbert, is a freelance graphic and web designer who blogs at Designer Daily and Typography Daily.


  1. marilene almeida pereira April 29, 2011 at 4:43 am

    Fabulous and funny photographs!Congratulations!

  2. Very very nice… Some of them I saw before. But nevertheless a nice selection.


  3. Nice selection. Thanks for sharing.

  4. some of them were seen by me before but the one with macro photography are amazing nice collection though…..:)
    nice upload

  5. nice collection most of them were not seen by me earlier nice upload god collection of some of the most amazing pics…:)

  6. Luscious Lars Anderson May 6, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    Damn, Cuz! Ya’ll got me straight trippin’!

  7. I saw some of them befor, however “I’ll make ya famous” is my very favourite here. Nice collection!

  8. great photos.. exept the one with spider 🙂

  9. truly breathtaking!

  10. very stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. fabulosas fotos, sigue asi.

  12. wonderful 😉 thank you

  13. Nice collection of truly great photos.
    I will go out with my camera and shot somo pics, thanks for sharing!!

  14. Beautiful pictures, Thanks for sharing.
    Good job

  15. beautiful collection…

  16. Love love love #29 The Bee.

  17. They are all exquisite!!

  18. beautiful pictures

  19. beautiful pictures

  20. beautiful pictures

  21. very inspiring and beautifully executed…

  22. amazing photography, thanks for share this inspiring post.!

  23. Thanks for sharing.some pictures are so natural and some very scary

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