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  1. Thanks Igor
    I liked the coffee’s logos very mach
    As a brazilian native(from the biggest producer and exporter), I love Coffee and by the way its logos…

  2. Amazing collection you got and really enjoyed checking out the logos. Love the design and style of each one and i got a lot of new inspiration in your logo designs. Thanks for sharing this, looking forward for the next post.

  3. Nice article! Check out mine coffee logo maybe you will like it or others.

  4. Thanks for those. It’s a wonderful collection with somw very clever design ideas. Fantastic inspiration from some great designers. Thanks for yet another great post.

  5. All are very nice and especially art in my coffee is brilliant.

  6. I like “cyber coffee”. Nice logo.

  7. Very Nice!!!!!!
    I like them all!

  8. So beautiful and clever!

  9. These logos are amazingly simple, yet so effective and attractive!!

  10. This is great! Love good designed logos, thanks for posting!

  11. Great collection of coffee logos, shows the many sides of coffee art and inspiration to those who love coffee.

  12. Technically they are fine, but i don’t find any of them that different, cup and a bean has been done? Maybe what you expect.

    Although the most clever and creative for me is the ‘expresso’ logo with cup from above. Some of the others look a bit stock library.

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