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Some of the best commercials during the Super Bowl usually come from the beer manufacturers. As you may know the beer industry has many creative minds at the wheel. For this reason we decided to collect some beautiful beer/brewery based websites. These websites include some great examples of companies being unique and providing a different experience that their competitor is giving.  Most of the companies below are social and have facebook fan pages and or twitter accounts. They also have an about page that you can learn why, how, and when they started the business. We hope you enjoy this roundup and get inspiration from it.

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Note: Each website is linked to the heading, and the images lead to a higher quality image.

1. Barleysgville

2. Kingdombreweries

3. Santafebrewing

4. Hellsgatebrewing

5. St-Arnou

6. Motherearthbrewing

7. Moosehead

8. Landsharklager

9. Nhdist

10. 50pack

11. Budlight

12. Grolsch

13. Brewsters

14. Alaskanbeer

15. 4pinesbeer

16. Fishbrewing

17. Mayflowerbrewing

18. Samuel Adams

19. Becksbeer

20. 6beersofseparation

21. Sleeman


23. Newcastlebrown

24. Driftwoodbeer

25. Leffe

26. Bridgeportbrew

27. Duvelusa

28. Pyramidbrew

29. Maltshovel

30. Johnboston

31. Redhook

So, are feeling thirsty? Let us know what websites we missed.

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. Great collection Igor, some of these look really great. Driftwood and Brewster sites are my favourites above.

  2. Great list! Often times, and beer sites are the worst for this, these product-type sites are all overdone with flash and the UI is horrible. Those look very good. I am surprised and impressed that you found these. Good work!

  3. Amazing collection. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Awesome list, some brewery sites here in the UK are truly terrible.

  5. Miss mine ! French online beer store 😉 !

  6. Great list!
    Might add a (my) local one if I may:

  7. Hey there – another great post of awesomely designed sites. Big professional imagery and large typography always wins in my book…

    For when you decide to do a similar post for wine websites, we’d love to show you one we recently redesigned – it’s also got a great mobile version which we think isn’t too bad. Would love to hear what you think of both.



  8. Move your mouse over the propeller.

  9. Sagres again, with its special chocolate beer…

  10. As a lover of beer and web design, I was in heaven with this list!

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