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I’ve always wanted to have a stamp with my logo on it and use it for client work. Even if it’s the ‘paid’ invoice stamp. For some reason I don’t mind using old technology in 2012. Having a stamp gives people a personalized feeling. The thought of you having to literally use the stamp, means you carefully worked on the project and overlooked everything.

Today we decided to showcase some beautifully designed stamps by designers from Dribbble. We hope you will enjoy this roundup and maybe even create a custom stamp yourself! If you do decide to pursue this task, we collected some useful info listed below:

Create Your Own Stamp

Obviously the first step is to actually created your stamp in Photoshop or Illustrator. If it’s your personal logo, I’m sure you already have the filed saved somewhere. You will need to decide how big or small your stamp will be. Once you have everything ready to roll, you will need to order the custom made stamp. In order to have things done professionally and for repetitive use, we strongly recommend the following stamp makers listed below. Try to get the best quotes from everybody, and make the best decision accordingly.


When ordering your stamp, you will have to make some decisions regarding type of stamp mount (wood, handle, self-inking or pre-ink) and
material (rubber or polymer), the size or area to fit, and the text or content of your order. Within a few days you will have a custom made stamp shipped to your door. On the other hand if you wish to create a personal stamp yourself, check out this handy tutorial: How-tuesday-make-a-stamp-with-art-mind

Note: All images are linked to their source.

Tim Stamp by Tim Boelaars

SANTS SERIF by Santos Henarejos

Facepalm Stamp

Created for teacher of Saint-Peterburg IFMO University Misha Kuchin.

Dionysus Stamp Arrived Today

Old Number 63 Stamp

TeslaCake Rubber Stamp

EA Ambigram Stamp

Electric Bolt Stamp

Inkefx Stamp

Limeshot Design Stamp

RR Stamp

Stamp MoetMoet Dutch Letterpress

Azark Rubber Stamp

Frogolor Stamp

Thank You Stamp

Engagement Stamp Stamped

Just Love Stamp

The Fun Wedding

LGH Stamp

A Stamp

The Pancake Movement

Wedding Date Stamp

Logo Stamp by Adam Johnson

Lauren And Tim Got Married!

Built Salt Lake stamp

Stamp! by 55 Hi’s

Car Enthusiasts Stamp

Shipping Stamp

Beer: Stamp of Authenticity

The Hat Shop

Artill stamp

Ayse Designz

Stamp Grouping

Jake Dugard

One more thing…

Social media integration has become an important part of modern web design. It is a free social media stamp collection to brand your work. Considering we are talking about stamps, I thought you might be interested in these beautifully crafted social media stamp icons. This download is 100% free and was made by none other than Thomas Bossée. All of them are highly recognizable by people. You are allowed to use these icons in any type of project. We hope you will enjoy our stamps and don’t forget to share them with your awesome friends!


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