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  1. GREAT POST MAN ! very nice and inspiring ! I really enjoy watching. I am just discouvering your post and can’t wait for more post like this !
    keep doing

  2. It is quite the collection you have come up with. Every time I see something like this I want to redo not just a logo but the whole web site for myself. I will come again to get even more inspiration. That might do the trick for me!!

  3. Thanks for putting that together. I’m now a big fan of “Bad Taste.” Have a great one!!!

  4. Nice ones here. Can definitely in the creation process 🙂

  5. Thanks. You have a great taste.

  6. all logo’s are very nice & impactfull.

  7. Interesting collection. It’s a tough area to work in, as one person’s great design is sometimes another’s mediocre design.
    Depending on your business, humour and wit can work – I love the sideburn logo!

  8. Best logos. i really like these.

  9. Cool logos! I love them! Thanks for sharing

  10. Hello Igor, I have gone through your lovely post. I, personally, loved “Pig Tub” & “Side Burn” – logos. The ideas of these two logos are very unique. Other logos are also good and helpful for the logo designers. Thanks a lot for sharing and I hope that in the near future will get lovely tips and ideas from you. Keep it up 🙂

  11. Nice collection of logos! Thanks for sharing them.

  12. Nice collection. Best logo i have ever seen. Loved that empire destiny logo

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