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  1. Wine labels certainly lend themselves to good graphics!

  2. WOW! very smart and creative

  3. Hi Igor …Very thought provoking some of these pieces . I especially like # 7 the one with the cork screw and the “W” that look like female anatomy.

  4. Really like the designs, but i am wondering.

    Why is it, that whenever i go to the nearby grocery shop the packaging on the products still looks like it’s created with paint in 97, It’s a shame.

    I never come across products with packaging/logo’s/design’s like those on the internet. Just my two cents

  5. Love these logos very creative and simple with there style, my fav is number 19

  6. Nice collection but, for Christ sake, that “Wine & Spirits” logo is horrible! Take it out!

  7. Haha you are right, i just wanted there to be an even number like 40.

  8. This logo is also nice :

  9. I disagree, I think the wine & spirits logo is quite cheeky and corny. My favourite is the Wine Traveller logo, though.

  10. Very nice, I have to say I like the wine and spirits one, a bit different, the rest are all showing wine in the normal light, when that one is a bit of a joke.

    Simon Duck

  11. Yes another great collection. Keep up the good work. Really inspirational.

  12. Superb Collection of logos.My Favourites are Bottle Rocket, Vino Piano(Superb use of white space to create Piano +wine glasses),Wine Searcher, Thirsty Peacock, Wine Forest, and New Castle Food and Wine Festival (the fork and Wine bottle combination is amazing).

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