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Some say Anti-Smoking campaigns have gone way too far, we will let you be the judge. Today we have collected some incredibly creative examples of anti-smoking advertisements. Personally I have never smoked in my life. For this reason I can’t judge others nor feel the toughness of quiting. These ads make me scared to even try! I hope these ads will inspire you or your loved ones to quit smoking. This world could truly be a better place if we all quit this bad habit.

Let us know you felt about these by commenting below.

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. Wow, this really hits home for me. Great collection, powerful.

  2. Very nice message conveyed, especially some of them are horror but still the message is always clear.

  3. Amazingly creative! However, I feel the posters that suggest slow suicide are a bit pretentious.

    Hitting people with the hard facts of smoking is great, but categorizing your audience ( smokers ) in the same pool as people who commit suicide misses it’s goal, I think. The thing about smoking is people don’t fully realize the dangers about smoking, but a someone who commits suicide is ( usually ) fully aware of the choice.

  4. PS. 100% of non-smokers die. Just a little fact to keep in mind. (I stole that one from Arj Barker)

  5. Igor Ovsyannykov January 21, 2011 at 1:20 am

    But the life span might be different between a smoker and a non-smoker.

  6. For any type of product or service visualization is an efficient way of conveying large or complex information in forms that can be read, understood and stuck to individual’s mind.

  7. Shocking visuals are what is needed to drive home this message.

    I feel sorry for people who got addicted so early. I also have a tough time even being around smokers, their second hand smoke is suffocating. Don’t think it’s on their breath or on their hands and clothes? Think again, they stink.

  8. Great and creative ads..

  9. I really don’t agree. Using shock tactics, these days, is just so over-done and almost cliché. It doesn’t shock anymore. I just browse over them and go ‘gross, gross, gross, gross, OH interesting.’
    In my opinion, these are the most original ones:

    a) toothpaste & toothbrush (good insight)
    b) coffin cases (just creative)
    c) mother’s milk (didn’t know this)
    d) woman’s reflection (good insight)
    e) ‘how long can you live?’ (didn’t know this)
    f) ‘only when i’m drinking’ (good insight)

  10. This are made by non smokers for non smokers.I a graphic designer and weekend smoker so I know a bit about this things. In my professional opinion displaying cigarettes in any way is anti productive and is just reminding smokers they have cigarettes in pocket. Its never good to concentrate on problem rather than solution, like encouragement and support for those who are trying to quit.

  11. I agree with dimitar. While some of these might be *good* ads, none of them are *effective* ads. I’ve seen research that shows that using the visual of a cigarette encourages smoking, not the other way around. When being judged, it is in human nature to fight and defend their actions. None of these would really cause someone to quit smoking.
    But, they are fun to look at. Guess you have to decided what the real purpose of your ad is.

  12. Good concept but Really creepy ads (For me)…

  13. It’s creative but also gross.

  14. I like the cemetery one, seem like most effective and easy to understand.

  15. Superb wrk guys i ill download sme images from here n ill upload dem on my facebook account to tell my smoker friends to stop smoking……

  16. Alright I get smoking kills, but as many ads and no matter how many people bitch at me to quit, I still smoke. Why don’t you guys try a different approach, for example, tell us smokers how to quit, because I keep trying, but always fall short of my goal. It’s easy to judge and ridicule, but it would be a lot more helpful if you lend a helping hand and help smokers take the first steps to quitting.

  17. WOW. Mind blowing

    Love your stuff =)

  18. Dammit I need a cigarette, meh

  19. Melanie Castell August 5, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    I found these really interesting, and the comments from everyone as well. Just out of interest, You’v concerntrated on alot of different aspects of health but there isnt really a great deal about oral health eg tooth loss, staining, oral cancer etc whats your view on this, because as a trainee dental hygienist its really hard to find adverts re these topics! ps, i do however like the toothbrush one!

  20. Everything is awesome, incredible, great, amazing, outstanding, best, creative and epic. How come?
    An optimist.

  21. If these pictures doesn´t make you quit, what does?
    Here´s my contribution to the subject:

    The idea is based on all these excuses smokers have, including me 10 years ago…

  22. I smoke about 10 a week, but consider myself a smoker and i’m not sorry. I’d like to see the same pretentious ads (as these are created by non-smokers) for *obesity* directed at the larger percentage of the population (no pun intended but I did it anyway :D) who die from overeating and lack of self control than from smoking. 50 years ago we weren’t aware of the dangers and it was glamorized; 20 years ago we weren’t aware of the dangers of alcohol, (which takes more lives than drug-taking per year) and you don’t see anti-drinking ads. I wish people would just stop outcasting smokers. If we aren’t smoking near you then do shut up and mind your own. I’m skinny, and I don’t go up to fatties walking down the street and politely but pretentiously tell them to put down their KFC.

  23. Here’s my contribution: one of my tumblrs —

    Because typography glamorizes everything. 😉

  24. Some very creative ads there – but I doubt that many of them will deter or encourage people to give up unfortunately….

    Many Thanks,

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