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If you meet a future business partner its very important to make a great first impression. Of course the first impression is your posture, attitude, clothes, and speech. The way you basically handle yourself around new people. After the conversation, its always a good idea to network (exchange/get each other information.) With todays technology we use v-cards, and or apps that help us manage all of our contacts.

Many people think that business cards are dieing out and are a hassle to carry around. This is where you come in and take advantage! Not only will you stand out of the crowd, but you will be remembered by a physical item, which in this situation is a business card. Its not easy to be remembered by an ugly business card that will get thrown away as soon as you turn around. This is why going that extra mile for a beautiful design is totally worth it.

If you are in need of inspiration for a great letterpress business card then this collection should help. The cards below are all designed with quality in mind. When designing remember to be different and think outside the box. This world is full of copycats everywhere, so being unique gives you a huge advantage over the competition.

Did you enjoy this collection? Please let us know by commenting below.

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. Great collection, I just know most of these are very expensive.

  2. A beautiful collection of cards….Love Letterpress cards…damn the expense!

  3. These are really beautiful business cards. And i’m going to have to agree with Ray up there. They look expensive but i think it’s worth it.

  4. Beautiful letterpress cards. I am definitely looking at making an upgrade to my current business cards and thankfully, my wife is a graphic designer. She can help me with the graphics and the process. I think have something like this, rather than a simple print makes for a more resounding appearance for my clients and potential clients.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. Nice Looking Collection

  6. Some great work here though I wonder if ‘clint’ is a bad payer or the designer just hated the client as the choice of font and use of upper case tells me the creative thought the client to be a bit of a CLINT lol

  7. Love the letterpress business cards, very good list for inspiration. Agree with Scott and Ray, if you can afford the extra cost, then they are sure to make a great first impression. Thanks

  8. Great eye candy for someone looking to let the horses out of the gate on a new business. Business cards were on my list today, and viola, here they are. Thanks for the collection. I also agree that this collection can be inspiration to refer to often. Thanks!

  9. Wow, so nice collection. Love letterpress cards, its just most part of our customers cant afford the expense…so sad!! Thanks for the post!:)

  10. Nice collection too 🙂 I love letterpress cards but they are expensive.

  11. Great collection, love the feel of the letterpress card and think they look amazing. I’m also interested in seeing current pricing for getting cards made.

  12. Hello All,
    Letterpress printer here!
    Yes they are very beautiful looking cards & what makes them apart from the design is the stock, it’s the stock that is expensive! The letterpress process, yes it’s not as cheap as Litho or Digital, but we think you might be surpirsed with the price.. Get in contact & we can see what we can do for you..
    Regards to all

  13. Wow, it’s very amazing – nice collection of business cards! My favourite is the letterpress32 card 😉

  14. I love all these. If I printed them for myself, I would hoard them. If I came across them, I would put them in my wooden box and never actually use them for their actual purpose, just their beauty.

  15. That llama card is fantastic! Love letterpress, always so beautiful.

  16. Great Collection!

  17. I’d like to tip my hat to Ben Levitz at Studio On Fire I am guessing he did the Studio 150 cards in as far as printing goes. Hit him up!

  18. Here are the fantastic letterpress business cards Print & Grain made for us!

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