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Taking photos of animals can be very challenging. First and foremost, you will need tons of patience. Just like landscape photographers wait hours at a time to get the perfect sunlight, animal photography requires lots of tolerance. Studying the animal prior to shooting, will help you understand it’s behavior and predict their actions. The photographs we will present to you today, demonstrate great use of color, exposure, blur settings, shutter speed, and focusing techniques.

I cannot come up with a single word to express my feelings about these photos. After seeing these photographs, you will definitely be fascinated by the experienced and skill these photographers had to take such shots. We hope you will enjoy this beautiful collection and celebrate the beauty of life!

Note: All the images are linked to the original authors.

Underwater experiments by Alexander Semenov

Dark Zoo by Nicolas Evariste

Predator by Shlomi Nissim

Horseville by Tijana Jevtic

Dogs by Celesta Danger

Face to Face by Tamir Bibi

Hurry up by Leo

Fresh fish anyone?


Baby Milk Tea by Crezalyn Nerona Uratsuji

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