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As a growing trend in web design, wood textures really give a natural and organic feel to a website. If you’re planning to create your very own wood textured website, these examples will inspire you. All the websites below use wood as one of their elements. If you know of other awesome websites we missed, feel free to comment below.

1. Icondrawer

2. Rockycreekwinery

3. Designfabrika

4. Nineliondesign

5. Taptaptap

6. Bssp

7. Delicious-monster

8. Meubelenvanaerde

9. Cellarthief

10. Camille.boidron

11. Sheldonfarmbaskets

12. Juandiegovelasco

13. Komodomedia

14. Happilycreate

15. Beerenberg

16. Copperbasin

17. Juliusmattsson

18. Monkeynuts

19. Gamesforherbyyou

20. Readyphotosite

21. Brandneusense

22. Dhcards

23. Fishmarketing

24. Jonrawlinson

25. Icondock

26. Lanikaiproperties

27. Struckbigcartel

28. Connect2ccc

29. Cottonseedoiltour

30. Thehippohouse

31. Roninsnowboards

32. Stuntcompany

33. Weeatt

34. Wireandtwine

35. Kuhboom

36. Respiromedia

37. Designtop10

38. Uzmangrupltd

39. Tanicos-webbdesign

40. Xgraphica

41. Bcandullo

42. Audrey-kawasaki

43. Cyclo

44. Littlesilverbehavioral

45. Onskelista

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. Great picks here I really like this post keep up the good work. =)

  2. Great sites. Thanks for the feature!

  3. Awesome sites…great inspiration. We launched one a month or so back.

  4. Nice post, very inspiring, I always love wood texture in design, it’s right up there with paper texture 😛

    Here’s a few more nice wood textured web designs:

  5. Good post, old but still good ! I like Tap Tap Tap : simple and powerful with a great identity !

  6. The JumbleFace iOS game itself has a wood motif to remind the user of its historical wood block roots. Samples can be seen at the support site. It’s fun, too!

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