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So you’ve just built your website and it looks pretty damn awesome! You’ve put countless of man hours into it and you are so proud of it you just want to show it off to the whole World! But weirdly… no one is visiting your site! Why is that? Simple, your site needs advertising (unless it has a rich keyword domain)!

Unfortunately there is no quick fix to creating a successful website just by buying a domain with hosting and adding a customized theme, no one is going to be Googling your sites brand unless advertise it!  By advertising your site, you can attract page visits and increase your rankings in the Google SERPS and one of the best ways to do that is to do some link building.

Link building is essentially about finding some kick ass clean links back to your website! The cleaner and highly ranked links you have the better. So let’s have a look at 5 easy ways you can get quick clean links back to your site to start bringing that traffic in!

1. Social Media


This is an easy one! Social media is a great way to get links back to your website. We all have Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and besides stalking ex’s and looking at boring vacation photos from the guy you were in 7th grade with, these social media pages can be used for an awful lot more! Why not put them to good use and start advertising your new website on there for all to see!

2. Comment Blogs

Commenting on similar websites to your own and leaving your link is a great way to let the internet neighbors know who just moved in! Although most links from comment blogs are No follow links, commenting on blogs and pages similar to your own can be useful in bringing the right sort of traffic you want, it also tells Google your site kicks ass by commenting in the relevant niches too!

3. Web 2.0s

Why not start off a blog for your own page? By registering some free subdomains from places such as WordPress and BlogSpot, you can write extra content and link to your main site. This is handy as it provides you some free backlinks and it can help expand your traffic fishing net even further. It definitely worth trying as it can’t hurt your site and at the very least you have another outlet platform for free!

4. Broken Links

If you are a bit more advance at SEO and know the tricks of the trade, then a really great way of getting links to your site is broken link building. By putting in the research and finding other peoples broken links, you can offer to fix those links and in return gain a valuable link to your site. By giving webmasters some kick ass content for these sites tends to get the link you want in exchange. Of course if you want some professional help then broken link building by ClickIntelligence is a smart choice!

5. Guest posting

This is an extremely popular form of link building right now! By creating relevant contextual links on another site with great domain authority and page rank, you can see traffic and rankings to your site shoot up instantly!

Creating content which is exciting and useful the audience is also a massive bonus which would even start to help convincing visitors to make trips more often to your site! Note; nowadays guest posting has to be taken very seriously if this is a part of your SEO strategy, the posts you create must provide relevant content for audiences and be relevant to the site you are posting on!

So there we have it! 5 easy ways to start building links to your site. You can start these almost immediately and see the effects in no time! So stop sitting around waiting for your visitors to visit your page and go get them!

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Posted by Brenda Priddy

This guest article is by Brenda Priddy. Brenda is a part time blogger and a full time mother. When Brenda is not blogging, she is often caught scrolling the net looking for the latest on SEO and blogging.

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