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We all have a little bit of geek in us, whether we like to admit it or not. We get excited by cool pieces of technology that pop up here or there, and anything cool that accomplishes for us what we never thought to do sends a little twinge of happiness throughout our bodies.

But just because you’re a little bit of a techie inside doesn’t mean that you can’t be super fashionable with your high-tech gear. Rock any pair of these awesome high-tech shoes, and you’ll not only turn heads, but you’ll “Wow!” yourself at the shocking technological capabilities of your new kicks every time you glance down at your feet!

1. DaDa Code M

You’ll still light up with a little bit of glee inside at the mere sight of these awesome kicks – DaDa Code M’s. Remember that old, out-of-date concept of having a mini CD player built into the soles of shoes? These shoes make it a reality, but with an MP3 player instead.

So you have a built-in MP3 player right in these shoes, plus a speaker system to play out your music loud and proud. It’s like a walking boom box – so you can listen to your music wherever you go, whenever you want.

The best part is that this shoe is actually on the market, starting around $200, while many others like it are still only in concept phases. Run out and get some now, I say, now!

2. Aphrodite Project Platforms

These shoes may stir up a bit of controversy, as they are being conceptualized to fit in the world of women working in prostitution businesses, but you never know – with a bit more mainstream push, the Aphrodite Project Platforms could have incredibly practical uses for any woman hoping to look great and stay safe at the same time.

These sky-high platform sandals (still in concept mode, as well, but soon to be on the market) are built with a wireless GPS technology function within the soles of the platforms. If the wearer is ever in trouble, then, all they have to do is signal the GPS to alert officials that there is danger at their current location.

There is also video surveillance built into the shoe that can be used in emergencies, or defend against a crime later down the road.

Think about it this way – if women all over the world started wearing these shoes, imagine how drastically the crime rates against women could drop. They’re a great, protective shoe and super high-tech (I mean a GPS in a shoe? Really?), and it probably won’t take long before these hit fashion shows worldwide.

3. Verb For Shoe

Another actual shoe that’s on the market (they’ll cost you, though – around $700 per pair), the Verb For Shoe is a plain black sneaker that has a tiny computer embedded right into it.

What the computer does is recognize how much pressure you’re putting on different parts of your feet, and it will automatically adjust the shoes to raise or lower their level of support based on how you stand and walk. Talk about intuitive!

It will also adjust the level of support based on the kinds of activities you are performing in them. Oh, and then the shoes also have a wireless connection to your PC, so you can send all of your support info to your computer to save or even share with friends!

4. iShoes

Do you ever just get tired of walking when you’re wandering around from here to there or anywhere? iShoes can solve that problem for you.

These are scooter shoes, motorized and operated by lithium ion batteries. They’re heavy little buggers – weighing in around 12 pounds per pair – but have been clocked at speeds up to 15 miles per hour! Imagine, a pair of shoes that you don’t actually have to walk in, you just ride, at decently high speeds. That’s the iShoe for you.

The best part, again, is that these shoes are actually available in certain places, and only at a starting price of around $270. And if the money will save you all that effort of walking everywhere, why not invest in them?

5. Good Vibrations

If you’re one of the unfortunate millions who do actually choose to walk in your shoes, not ride, sometimes you’ll come home from a long day and just feel like you need to put your feet up and get a massage.

A pair of Good Vibrations shoes will do just that for you. Just slide on these comfy shoes, plug them in and feel them vibrate underneath your tired, aching feet for a relaxing, massaging feeling. Oh, and you can wear them throughout the day, too. They’re not always attached to the cord.

They’re actually built to be running shoes, and the massage part is meant for runners to utilize after coming in from a long tiring run. But they’re great walking and every-day shoes, too, and the massage – well, you just can’t beat that! Actually, you can – the price is super low – generally under $60!

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Posted by Ashley Dean

Ashley Dean is a freelance writer and shoe shopaholic, and a geek at heart. She loves to come home from a long day, kick off her Wolverine leather work boots and strap on a pair of awesome shoes to go out for the night - and she can't wait for some of these high-tech fashions to be available on the market!

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