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Leo Widrich is a Twitter enthusiast and the Co-Founder of Buffer. Every week he blogs about lots of different Twitter Tips and Tools on the Buffer blog. Say hi @LeoWid anytime, he is a super nice guy.


  1. interesting tools!
    do you know an app like Tweriod for Facebook?

  2. Hi Gigi,

    Yes, so for Facebook, I haven’t come across any tool yet, but there is some interesting data on when the best times to share are, that you can find on the Kissmetrics Blog here:

  3. nice app list i especially love Tweriod 😀

  4. Really useful tools.. thanks for sharing

  5. Leo i can admire when you talk about twitter apps. I find summify also useful with the lot you mentioned and yes i am big fan of twoolr like i am off buffer. though one must use lists more often to curate ur content. 😀 thanks for sharing-Prasant

  6. Nice view of all the possibilities given by these twitter tools. For me, this list only miss some features like scheduling your tweets to gain time and followers! Just take a look to Selectweet 🙂

  7. Hi Leonhard, thanks for useful info. Specially saying what it is good for. I also discovered your Buffer, so I’ll be back saying about my experience.
    Do you have any siggestion for Facebook?

  8. Another useful one for me is – simple but effective 🙂

  9. My perfect Twitter Tool is!

  10. Really useful article! I am interested in Tweriod, but can’t sign up at present. I use Buffer and love the space it gives me to plan out my tweet sequences!

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