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One of the greatest challenges entrepreneurs have faced the world over is how to build customer loyalty. In other words, how can your business earn loyalty from your customers such that they keep coming back again and again for more of your products and or service?

Now the fact is that consumers these days are cost-conscious as well as value-driven and getting them to disregard “discount calls” coming from elsewhere can only be achieved it seems only through the relationship you have with them. So in the light of this truth what follows below are five ways that an entrepreneur can truly earn deep customer loyalty from them.


1. Focus on creating value

As consumers continue to spend less and less, many businesses have relied upon carrying out extensive promotions and deep discounts to bring customers their way. And, although offering such promotion as well as discounts can be effective, this is not always the case. Yes, at times such strategy rather than yield positive results may even reduce sales and hurt your brand.

However, a winning strategy instead that should lead to better sales is to create products or service of value. Focus on value creation and you can’t go wrong. That means giving more, while charging less.

2. Listen to them, and communicate

You cannot underestimate the power of communication. Just consider how important you think of people who take time out to really listen to you. It is the same with your customers; they will think the world of you. Ask them for feedback and respond to them. They can provide you with suggestions that can grow your business.

3. Show them you care

Showing your customers that you care about them in more ways than one is obviously going to lead to them becoming your raving fans. Demonstrate this by showing them that you are interested in the outcomes of the purchases they have made from you; that you are concerned about their ongoing success. And, also show that you care by getting involved with special events or moments in their lives. Examples in this regard include birthdays, wedding anniversaries, et al.

4. Reward repeat purchases

A customer loyalty program that is effective is vital to generating repeat sales. You see customers will want to continuously patronize your business when they find out that they will get some added value, future discount, or upgrade. It is for this reason that social network sites like Foursquare offer a good marketing platform for small businesses. This is because it provides a great platform for word of mouth advertising as well as loyal customers to be rewarded.

5. Generate goodwill

Finally, another great way to earn deep customer loyalty is by carrying out acts that generate goodwill as well as give your brand a positive image. Examples of such snot always are business at the desk all the time. Give back to the community in one form or another and see how this impacts your brand positively.

Now to ensure that the word about what you have done spreads you can make use of You Tube. Upload a video of what has been done here and before you know it your brand gets all the attention it deserves and even more leading to better customer loyalty.

In summary, if you are there for your clients today they will be there for you tomorrow. So make every effort to build the right relationship with them now and you will certainly reap unbelievably deep loyalty from them.

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