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As a small business you are competing normally against larger ones. In today’s world, you have some pretty useful tool you didn’t have a decade ago. One of them being Youtube. A social media video site that Google bought for a little over a billion dollars only a few short years ago. Not only is Youtube the largest video site online. It is also the most used, the most searched, and the most shared video site on the planet! If you have any imagination at all, you can see why your small business should be utilizing this powerful tool today!

Here are 5 tips to help get you started:

1. Customize Your Channel

Youtube has enabled anyone with a channel to customize the colors and graphics. If you take a look at some big brand names like Skittles or Bleach you will see that each one has customized it enough for the user to recognize their brand. Do the same with your channel. If you can not, hire someone to do it. There are plenty of cheap freelancers online and on Fiverr that can do this job for you in a matter of days for a small fee. But we are expecting most of our audience to be designers, this means you should take a few hours on Saturday or Sunday and create a beautiful design!

2. Subtitle All Your Videos

The hearing impaired watch videos too. Just like a business would get in trouble for not having a wheelchair accessible ramp, you need to think about others with respect. Despite the ignorance of even some the the top companies I recommend that you do this. It does take a bit of extra time, but rewards are far greater then the time that you invest. Of course this decision is totally up to you. Although I do highly recommend you do so.

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Posted by Robert Boutaric

Robert Boutaric is a freelance writer that loves to write on anything related to marketing. He works for the marketing department of where you can get some useful tips to choose the best gifts for your loved ones.


  1. Good tips i will follow them and see how it goes thx ^^

  2. Hope you can come up with new strategy about YouTube marketing with its new platform.

  3. We are actually in the middle of deciding whether to turn comments off or leave them on. We are leaning more towards turning them off and urging them to come to our other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to get further engagement with us.

    Anyone have any recommendations on which is most beneficial?

  4. YouTube is a perfect position to market your product and services, and therefore you should definitely be using it as a traffic source for your on the internet enterprise.

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