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Let’s face it. Music definitely has an effect on everything that people do. It can set your mood and can change the way your day is going. It changes the way you walk around the block, or the way you work out. Most importantly, music is a great companion while you work, allowing you to become even more productive than you normally are.

When Music is Part of Your Roots

Music brings so many positives into your routine, and this is not just based on hearsay. Even science attests to the fact that music can indeed affect the way your brain works. This is especially prevalent in those who have deep musical roots, like children who have had musical training at an early age. They are proven to perform better than other people, especially in terms of fine motor skills and auditory discrimination.

People with a substantial music background also have better reasoning, which greatly widens their skills in understanding visual information as well. This includes seeing patterns that other people may not see, as well as the relationships between these patterns.

Music in Everyday Life

Even if you have not had substantial musical training however, music could still play a huge role in your life. Music has a way of reducing the feeling of pain, and is used to complement a lot of medical procedures. For example, it is proven to help in childbirth, making it acceptable to reduce the amount of medication used on the patient. It also helps in reducing the pain that someone feels after an operation, and could give patients have a better sense of control over these situations.

Music also causes the body to release endorphins, which could help counteract pain. It helps people with chronic headache and migraine, reducing not only the intensity, but the frequency of the attacks. But if there’s one important thing that music can do, it’s the fact that it can control the way your heart moves.

Yes, music can help you get your blood pumping, or could help you slow it down when it’s time to rest. This proves to be an important factor, and is the main reason why music helps creative minds get their work done. Different types of music can actually allow you to get your creative juices flowing, especially the ones with the right tempo, beat, or rhythm. So when you find yourself facing a creative block, try putting some music on and start getting to work again.

Here are five different playlists that could pump you up and help you get all that work done:

Deep House

Deep house is a subgenre of house music. The tracks can be lengthy and usually bounce around 120-130 BPM. This playlist contains some of my personal favorites. The songs are mostly mellow allowing you to focus on your tasks. If you’re familiar with deep house already, you will know most of these songs. If you’re new to it, then this playlist will definitely give you a good taste of what the deep house genre has to offer.

Video Game Soundtracks

If you’re looking to get things done, you should check out this playlist. It contains great different video game soundtracks that will help you concentrate. Video game music is designed to provide an ambient background that doesn’t distract you from your work. My personal favorite is the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Soundtrack. It’s very calm and soothing.

Tropical House

Tropical house is a fairly new sub genre of house music. The term was coined by Australian DJ and producer Thomas Jack. This music is perfect for chilling at the pool or the beach, but it’s also perfect for working. I tend to find myself much more happier and stress free while listening. Whenever I introduce people to it they seem to like it right away. Perhaps it’s not everyones cup of tea, but you should at least give it a chance.

Ambient Chill

This playlist is known for evoking emotional feelings. Some songs will make you happy, some songs will make you sad, and other songs will bring up emotions you never know existed. This playlist will create an atmosphere for you to work in. While you may not like every single song, I’m sure you will find some gems.


Trance music is upbeat. The BMPs are around 125 to mid 140. Trance takes you to the moon and brings you back to Earth. Virtually all trance songs have a mid-song climax followed by a soft breakdown disposing of beats and percussion entirely. After the breakdown you are left with beautiful atmospheric melodies before gradually building up again. Trance tracks are often lengthy ranging anywhere from 4 to 9 minutes. This playlist contains some of the top songs from 2013 and 2014.

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