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  1. Nice collection, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. It takes more than looking cool to be a successful logo. Some of these would be downright indecipherable to someone with poor eyesight. I have good eyesight, and it still took a second look for me to make out the letters. You’d never find that in any of the logos of Fortune 500 companies. Plain and simple works, not these overly designed examples.

  3. Nice logos! But please spell the words in your headline correctly. “ORIENTED”

  4. Nice collection, but some of these aren’t very practical… I was looking for some inspiration for a text based logo for a regular business.

  5. Hahahaha this is awesome! Can’t take my eyes of the mouse logo. Really nice collection.

  6. Excellent logo round ups and these logos looks simple and like to be a brand sign for any good decent company. Thanks for the collection Inspirationfeed.

  7. Awesome text logo, found 2 logos style will work out for my website 😀 !


  8. Nice Logo …!!!! Inspired me to make such type of Logo

  9. Great logos you have here.

    If someone need a free logo pls check out my website


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