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So you got invited to Dribbble huh? Now you are filled with excitement and wonder what your fist shot should be. Well, the first priority is thank the person who was nice enough to invite you. Remember Dribbble is an invite only network, you cannot just sign up and start showing what you are working on. The whole system is based on trust of invitation quality. Only the talented will get drafted and be able to enjoy the vibrant design community!

I’m not the most skilled or talented designer, but I’m working on getting better. I have been lucky enough to get invited to the community and respect it’s nature. Today we have selected handsome invite Dribbble shots. The following collection includes beautiful and not to mention creative thank you shots. If you wanna play it smart your first shot should make a great first impression. That way you can gain some new followers, and steal some attention! The Dribbble Bear below by BoxHead Studio, is a great example of what to do. From that stunning illustration they have gained many views and created a fan base. Not too shabby for a first shot.

Note: If you like the color purple, then you are in luck! You’re about to see a whole ton of it, enjoy the collection!

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

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