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Where a picture will tell a thousand words, a computer icon informs, educates and reassures its audience.  Icons have become a visual language that is understood all over the world. No matter what language you speak, we all know what a trashcan icon does and looks like. Because icons are used for such specific purposes, creating a successful icon design involves more science rather than art.

Kinda crazy to think that so many hours of labor are converted into purty pixels. My mother used to say that the work I do is deceptive. The internet could dissolve at any time and everything that I have digitally created could vanish. Even thou the odds of that happening are slim to none, I can completely understand where she is coming from.

Being zoomed-in at 6400% in Photoshop is normal for an icon designer. As a pixel warrior, your focus is to be able to produce quality work to the very last pixel. Today we have collected incredible icon design examples. Thank to mobile devices, the need for beautiful icons is strongly growing. So if you are planning to do this for a living, it’s not a bad option. Enough talk, enjoy this beautiful collection!

Note: All of the images are linked to the designers who made them.

Bill Organizer

LP Player

FlippingBook Icon

Play by Play

Sweet pixels icon

Whiskey iPhone Icon

Expresso Icon


Trendy Twitter

Tea Light iPhone Icon

ImGame App

Little Typewriter


Kickoff icon

Hello Mac

Playstation One

Accordion iOS Icon

Icon for Continuity

Weight Paper Application

Cloud icon

Swift App

Creative + Technology icon


Face Alarm Icon

Captain America

Map Icon

Anubis Owl

Mac OS

Finder icon


App Icon – Expirely


Subway Car Icon


Rock Show icon

Castrol Oilit Icon

Hamburger Icon




Tape Measure


Jam Jar

New apple device

Follow me!

The Boot



Champagne Cannon

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