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Data visualizations, a.k.a Infographics, provide a great way to visualize a topic that would be hard to understand when reading. Infographics are present to us in media sources like magazines, television, books, posters, signs, and anything else that has complex information. For some people (like me) it’s much easier to visualize information, data, or knowledge with a graphic present. Take for example a yottabyte, yeah that sounds big but how big is it really? This is where infographics come in and help. By being creative, designers can come up with different ways to illustrate that yottabyte and give a general idea of what it looks like. Check out the following infographic, and take note of how it illustrated the yottabyte’s size by comparing it to other subjects.

When starting the infographic you should focus on getting all of you facts together. Once that process is complete, try to visualize how the topic will be implemented. Before jumping ino Photoshop or Illustrator, sketch out a few layout ideas on a piece of paper or a notebook. Why do this you ask? You would not build a house without a blueprint, therefore you should not create an infographic before planning it out.

Revise, revise, reviese until you have an agreeable outline. From then on you can start designing your mastepiece by following your outline. Do use typography, illustrations, icons, pictures or other elements that will help the infographic thrive to its full potential. Always remember one thing: spice things up! Nobody want to see a poster with just facts written in paragraphs. If they wanted to do that, then they would go back and read the boring book with the info in it. It is always important to cite where you got your data from. This will do 2 good deeds, keep you out of trouble from plagiarism,  and second it will help the viewer find out more info in they’re interested. Remember don’t do something original, instead take a chance and let your creativity flourish. Yes the risk is great, but the reward is even greater!

Once you create the infographic unless its for a client, it’s time to share it! Companies/websites often create infographics to get alot of traffic. This kind of strategy is called linkbait. By providing a huge image that can easily be shared, you are creating a viral image. Making the infographic useful is also a must, this is what gives it exitement and uniqueness. Don’t ever underestimate the power of an infographic. Expessially when it covers huge companies like apple, twitter, google, facebook, and so on.

The following collection was based on the interest level, and quality. We have included some of the most interesting infographics around for your viewing pleasure. All of the images are linked to their full size source, thus giving them full credit. We think they are pretty exiting, especially the IPhone 5 Rumor Roundup!

1.  How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line

2.  The Evolution of Web Design

3. True Colors – Breakdown of Color Preferences by Gender

4. Who Likes What Social Media By Demographic

5. The Amazing Rise of Groupon

6. History of the Internet

7. If Social Media Were a High School

8. Anatomy of an Apple Email

9. Who’s Using Twitter And How They’re Using It

10. The Evolution of The Blogger

11. The History of RickRolling

12. Identity Theft and Password Security

13. Film Industry Statistics

14. Online Gaming Statistics

15. Everything You Wanted to Know About Lotto

16. Facebook: Facts You Didn’t Know

17. Real estate Industry Social Media Use

18. Mac vs. PC

19. Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page

20. Bounce Rate Demystified

21. Which U.S. brands are spending the most on advertising?

22. How do colors affect purchases

23. The Costs of the Royal Wedding Vs an Average Wedding

24. Coffee Vs. Tea

25. Infographic of Infographics

26. Cellphone Usage

27. 2011 Trends

28. How LinkedIn Is Taking Care of Business

29. History of Bond Cars

30. The Cost of Love

31. U.S. Military Spending Versus Foreign Aid

32. Anatomy of a Search Marketer

33. DIY Guide to Successful Linkbait Infographic

34. Meet iPad’s Competition

35. How Popular is the iPhone Anyway

36.  Copywriter Infographic

37. The Rise of Cloud Computing

38. What is Stock

39. Honey Bee Extinction

40. The Price of Bad Customer Service

41. What Is Good Customer Service?

42. Sitting is Killing You

43. Finding the Cure for AIDS

44. Obsessed With Facebook

45. The Wonderful World Of Quora

46. Farmville vs Real Farms

47. Mobile Marketing

48. How Much do Music Artists Earn Online?

49.  iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup

50.  The anatomy of a WordPress theme

51. Blogging Maps: The Design Galaxy

52. Groupon vs. Living Social vs. Facebook Deals vs. Google Offers

53. How the Internet is Killing the Planet

54. Save the iPhone, Save the World

55. Kobe vs. MJ

We hope that this collection will provide you with useful knowledge, and inspire you to create your very own infographic. We would love to hear your feedback, so please don’t be shy to comment below. Also if you have ever created an infographic, we would love to see it! Please don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow Inspirationfeed on TwitterFacebook(100% Spam Free!) If you enjoyed the following article we humbly ask you to help us spread the word by sharing this article with your peers!

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