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Navigation is a crutial part of any website. The user/visitor must be able to navigate and get around easily without a question. Navigation that is well designed/executed will have more impact, and enhance the usability. Today we have gathered some great examples of navigational design. We hope that this eye-candy will inspire you to create an extraordinary menu. In this collection you will find CSS only navigation. While other navigations are possible, we thought it would be nice to do a collection based on CSS niche only.

1. Mediatemprano

2. Allaboutspace

3. Sensationaljobs

4. Procab

5. Pregg

6. Ryanbattles

7. Hummingbirdmaskarade

8. Collisionlabs

9. Artisanmedia

10. Marahcreative

11. Dustinallenpace

12. Sarahlongnecker

13. Timkloote

14. Tappgala

15. Samcreates

16. Patrickmonkel

17. Sohtanaka

18. Alexswanson

19. Arandown

20. Archiduchesse

21. Genggao

22. Thewebsqueeze

23. Themeloom

24. Gibliving

25. Josephpayton

26. Saelstrom

27. Pixelmind

28. Robocatapps

29. Jacoblee

30. Virtualskystudio

31. Toffeenutdesign

32. Hipstery

33. Online Mastering

34. Vodkaimport

35. Larvalabs

36. Mydesignpad

37. Webislove

38. Pixelresort

39. Fullyillustrated

40. Giantsgate

41. Goodbytes

42. Aviary

43. Pethemes

44. Informationhighwayman

45. Vandesign

46. Rekkiabilly

47. Davidjonsson

48. Pilateselpaso

49. Delibar-App

50. Redvelvetart

51. Fightforfuture

52. Nosotroshq

53. Kristinheather

54. Karimzurita

55. Radiumlabs

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Use arrow keys to navigate

Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. Thanks for mentioning us in your post, truly some great navigations!!!


  2. I am doing work with Las Vegas Web Design and really appreciate your work.

  3. Great inspiration, thanks for sharing.

  4. Some really nice examples here, it just shows how creative you can get with CSS without any use of Flash or Java.

  5. The content of this post is great – the opposite what can be said of your FIXED position digg-buzz-tweet-stumble bar. This is so “into my face” that it is hard to concentrate on the content and definitely NOT inviting to use. You might want to reconsider how you want to coax people into action.

  6. Amazing collection! Thank you for sharing!

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  8. These menus look great. If anyone is looking for a Pure CSS Navigation with Rounded Dropdowns check out:

  9. Thanks for sharing really nice designs.

  10. Really nice examples here, it just shows how creative you can get with CSS

    HTML Artists

  11. It’s relay awesome posting for CSS.

  12. These are some great examples!

  13. Really nice examples here. thanks !

  14. Thanks for sharing…A good post…with more inspirations…Wonderful! Useful for my next works!

  15. Hello
    Thank you for mention procab studio.
    We are glad to announce you the first release of iPad version :
    and the new site version check the menus 🙂

  16. Thanks man good site…

  17. Its funny that lots of these sites are ones that I have seen before! Great looking CSS navs 😀

  18. Nice list guys thanks!

  19. Oh man I started to drool!

    Seriously though this is the best collection of menus I’ve seen so far.


  20. some very cool designs

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