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  1. Nice collection, thanks

  2. Nice logos… but how many of these are real solutions for real companies? it’s easy to stick a made up name with a cool image.

  3. Where did you dig these up from?
    It doesn’t look like I can click on a logo to go to a site.

  4. I hand picked them from There is no link because i recently uploaded te backup of my website to a new host. I lost some posts/links in the process. I had the pictures saved so i thought i should put them up. Sorry about that, it will have links on the next roundup.

  5. Bela galeria, parabéns!!

  6. amazing collection.(Y) keep it up.

  7. all of your collections are cute, thanks for sharing~

  8. It’s a nice collection. I am certainly inspired by many of these to create my own logo. My present logo is very simple and I think with a little more creativity, it can be far better.

  9. EXTREME creativity here: these are awesome. I think my favorite is actually the Bananaplane one. If I heard that business name by itself it wouldn’t quite have the impact it does when you see the logo, it’s unexpectedly classy 🙂 Bookmarked.

  10. wow.. Fantastic steps.. I really like it. keep
    up 🙂

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