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It goes without saying that the main purpose of your online store is to sell more and more. If you don’t have a clue about the psychology of online buyers and if you can’t exactly characterize yourself as a persuasive and skilled craftsman then this article is for you. If you want to be more prosperous, then you should definitely become acquainted to various psychological methods and engaging approaches.

Even if it seems hard at the beginning, any web designer will soon realize that understanding psychology could turn into gold. A simple suggestions would be for you to visit your local supermarket and observe how products are arranged. Once you focus on the details, you’ll notice that related products tend to go in pairs (for instance, the fish and fries are likely to be placed together in the freezer).

In business, you must always be open-minded. Seeing everything as a source of inspiration will allow you to process new ideas into your business and outweigh the pros and cons on the spot. Thinking on your feet is a solid skill that all successful businessmen and businesswomen have. Running an online store into a successful business isn’t easy, that being said, today we will enumerate the most important tips that will help you flourish in your enterprise.


1. Manipulate the numbers

When it comes to numbers, one must explain things clearly to customers, so that they will understand how much they will spend on various products. However, this doesn’t have to mean that you cannot manipulate the figures, as long as your website contains footnotes, where the rules of the promotion are explained. Some ways of manipulating the numbers could be by stating the minimal costs: “starts from $5”, by presenting the discounts: “up to 50%” or by having prices such as: $29.99.

2. Create an appealing web design

Your online store won’t have beautiful sale assistants to increase the number of purchase, meaning you will have to compensate with some beautiful layouts. And you will mostly have to rely on your pictures to present the online store in a beautiful light. This means that your images must present people having fun, feeling comfortable and looking extremely attractive, while using the products that you’re trying to sell. So, do not underestimate this point, because people really take this matter into consideration.

3. Rely on mutuality

Usually when people are offered something, they feel obliged to take it, because it is impolite to refuse others. Well, this social understanding stands behind the principle of mutuality. To be more precise, every time your online store presents sales, promotions, or discounts to people, they feel a necessity to purchase your products, because they believe they will never benefit from such great deals. So make sure, your web store contains a special section where discounted products are available. Oh, and don’t forget to include the old and new prices, in order to convince people that they are making a great decision.

4. Make things clear

It is needless to mention the fact that your online store needs call-to-action buttons, instructions or pointers, so that your customers will manage to find the products they need and purchase them. Your store should be so easy to understand, that even a child could use it. This means that everything should be as simple as possible and extremely visible, at the same time, so that people won’t have to waste their time trying to find the objects they need. Remember: if it is time consuming it means that it is also devoid of customers, since people have a tendency to choose time friendly websites.

5. Make your presence felt

There are many reasons why people choose online stores; maybe some are in a hurry or others simply don’t like going to the mall and queuing. Regardless of people’s motifs one should definitely create the feeling that there is always someone there for them, ready to help and find the right product. One way designers could create this impression would be by offering information in first person and directly addressing their customers. This way, they will be able to go beyond computers and establish a real connection with you. This will result in people coming back repeatedly.

6. Choose wisely your colors

Every web designer knows that colors can have a great impact on people. Therefore, it is highly advisable to learn a few things about colors before creating the layout of your web store. For instance, if your store deals with food products, it is recommended to rely on orange, because it is known that this shade could increase the appetite. On the other hand, if you are dealing with elegance and sophistication, then you could definitely go for black, white or pink. Colors could also be combined in order to help you sell more.

7. Additional offers

Like it was mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs, people can never say “no” to sales, promotions or discounts. You should push things a little further and offer your clients something extra that your competitors don’t. This will encourage your customers to always check your store before buying a product. These additional offers could be anything: free delivery, warranties, an extra product, and so on. Take all ages into consideration, and make these offers available for everyone (from children to elders) and you will definitely sell more.


As you can see, once you have put yourself in your customers’ shoes you are able to make your store more attractive to clients. In the end you must remember to observe those successful stores in your town and learn from them, in order to have a long lasting online store. For further advice, we strongly recommend reading the following articles:

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Posted by Felix Diaconu

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