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For some, writing is second nature to them. They can conjure the right words that correctly convey the thoughts in their hands. They can weave a compelling narrative that ends in a thrilling climax. They don’t need the inspiration to strike – they are always filled with ideas waiting to be written in the nick of time.

Unfortunately, others are not as blessed with such skill. Writing can be a chore especially if you don’t have the gift for translating your thoughts into words.

In today’s world, unfortunately, great writing is essential to engage with your audience. By communicating your message better, you can earn the trust of your target customers, which is crucial to turn them into customers or clients.

Therefore, if you’re looking to shore up your writing skills and create better content, below are tools that you should consider using.

Grammarly Premium

One of the biggest issues that people have with writing is grammar. Since English is the primary language used to reach out your global audience, you need to be wary of your grammar and sentence construction. This is a problem not only with most non-English native speakers but even some native speakers as well.

When writing, mistakes are bound to happen without you are aware of them or not. Even if you edit your work before posting them online, readers will still identify some of the errors you’ve committed. As a result, there’s a chance that readers won’t have a good impression of your content and won’t visit your site again.

To counter this problem, you need to use Grammarly Premium. The free version of Grammarly is good enough to help you spot common errors, but the paid version is where Grammarly truly shines. The tool will help you spot 250 types of writing errors, so you’re sure that you won’t miss anything.

Also, you can edit your article based on the type of content, i.e. academic, business, legal, etc. This way, you are sure that the suggested edits by Grammarly as appropriate for the kind of article you’ve written.


Typing speed may not be a problem to some, but it is nonetheless a factor on whether how fast you’ll be able to submit your content for publishing. According to studies, the average typing speed is at 43 words per minutes. That’s probably good enough to finish a short article in a day. However, if you’re looking to squeeze in more work in a day, then you need to improve your speed.


A fun way to build up your typing speed is Typisto. The tool will let you type a few paragraphs from novels written by famous authors. Once done, you will receive your average typing speed score and accuracy. You can use the data to improve your writing skills and gauge how fast you can go.


Another factor that affects writing speed is distraction. It’s easy to lose focus when you can visit sites like Facebook, Youtube, and others with just a few clicks of a button. You can choose to write offline, but you may still need to have to reach out to online sources to help build your ideas.

The best compromise for you to continue writing online without being distracted is using Write!, a distraction-free desktop tool. It is an elegant workspace where you can type your content in a minimalist format, so you won’t be distracted by the tabs in your browser. Also, the tool lets you track your productivity by identifying how many words you’ve typed, how many characters you can type in a minute, and more.

750 Words

Before lifting weights or doing heavy exercising, you need to perform warm-ups first to get your muscle loose and prepared for the strenuous activity to come. Warming up your body also allows you to lower the risk of injuries so you can continue with your exercise regimen.

The same concept applies to writing. You will need to warm up your writing muscles first by writing thoughts that come straight from the top of your head. It doesn’t matter if some of your ideas are too personal – the idea behind this activity is to help prepare your mindset for writing by letting ideas flow from you.


This is what 750 Words hopes to achieve. Upon signing up for an account, you rack up points by writing 750 words a day. If you continue writing the same amount of words every day, the points you receive will increase. While earning points through writing is fun, what’s important is your ability to turn writing without any filter on a habit before you begin with your actual writing tasks.


Are you the kind of person who needs to be reminded every minute of every second to write? While there’s nothing objectively wrong with that, it does hinder you from becoming truly effective as a writer and content creator.

If you’re just not the kind of person with the passion for writing but nonetheless wants to build on his or her writing skills, then you need to use Twords. Aside from nudging you when to write your article, ebook, or essay, Twords lets you track your progress by identifying the dates when you wrote the most words. The tool also allows you to practice and improve your writing style from writing prompts.


Productivity has a lot to do with your working environment, and it depends on the person as well. Some tend to work better in silence while others are more productivity with the music turned up from their speakers. There are others who prefer the sounds of busy people in a coffee shop to write better.

Noisli Improve Focus and Boost Productivity with Background Noise

Noisli a tool that helps improve your productivity by reproducing sounds that prepare you to focus on work. At the same time, the tool allows you to mix and match different sounds to help you calm your sense if you want to relax and or are having panic or anxiety attacks.


No man is an island, as the saying goes. No one can truly succeed without the help of other people. The same goes for writers. You need all the help you can get to brainstorm for the best ideas for an article you’re writing or a story you’re trying to tell.

MyBlogU is a crowdsourcing tool that lets you reach out to other users for ideas on how to approach your article topic. The driving force behind MyBlogU is reciprocity. Users are incentivized to answer questions and queries from other because they can get featured on an article on the person they’re trying to help. Therefore, if you’re feeling lost or don’t know how to continue with your writing, I suggest giving MyBlogU a spin!

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