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It might be a dream of yours to tour Europe or sing the national anthem at the Superbowl. But whether or not you have an actual bucket list written down, you should have a separate “bucket list” of photographs you want to take before you leave.

Everyone has their favorite family vacation snapshot or that “Kodak moment” at the wedding that ends up on the living room wall. Photographs are a great way to document the perfect moments in your life. Here are 8 perfect moments you should go out of your way to capture on camera.

1. The Daddy-Daughter Dance

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Every bride wants to be able to remember that special dance with her daddy. Capturing this moment at the perfect angle can be a challenge, but for a photo that she’ll treasure forever it’s totally worth it.

2. “I’m the King of the World!”

King of the mountain

Leonardo DiCaprio might have done it first, but everyone should have their own Titanic moment. When you conquer that mountain, finish that marathon, or get married to the love of your life, make sure you capture your elation on camera. You’ll be able to pull it out for years to come and bring all those feelings of triumph, excitement, and pride rushing back.

3. Mother Teaching Child

Mother Teaching Child

There might not be anything more warming than a mother coaching a young child, whether she’s helping him learn to pray, write his own name, or tie his shoes. Capturing that special moment in a photograph can be incredibly difficult, but it will be a beautiful memory that will remind the child of his mother’s love for the rest of his life.

4. Nature’s Perfection

John Fowler

Bring your camera with you wherever you travel, and when you come across that perfect ocean sunset, twilight in the forest, or sunrise over the mountains, snap a few pictures. No picture can quite catch nature’s majesty the way experiencing it first-hand can, but some photos can definitely come close.

5. The Animal Kingdom

Lion by Batter Job

Pictures of animals can be funny, sweet, and awe-inspiring. Whether you catch an animal in the wild tending its young, a beloved pet cuddling with a sick child, or a flock of thousands of birds taking off in simultaneous flight, that’s one photograph you’ll want to have in your collection.

6. The Illusion

 Arnaud Marhin

Illusionary photography work has been around since people started taking photographs in the early 19th century. The perspective photos of the tiny girl getting pinched between her friend’s thumb and forefinger or holding the moon in the palm of your hand are classics, but if you get creative you can come up with some entertaining possibilities. The photos will both be a fun addition to a bedroom wall or blog as well as a memory of a funny experience with family or friends.

7. Vacation Paradise

David Sim

Whether the best vacation of your life is spontaneous or planned, there is no souvenir that will last longer or have more memories attached than the pictures you take. If you go to London, take the time to take your own iconic photo of Westminster Abbey and the London Eye across the Thames. If you go on a humanitarian trip to Africa or India, take plenty of pictures of you with the people you’re helping. If you take a road trip with your family, document the entire trip with a new photo at every stop.

8. Family Photo Candid

Family Christmas Photo by Tanner R. Hal

When you’re taking family pictures, don’t just sit for the pose and hope you’re all looking in the right direction. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones where you’re all laughing at someone’s wisecrack or showing your personalities outside the confines of the photographer’s direction. Ask your photographer to just keep snapping pictures—one of the “mistakes” might just end up on the wall in your front room.

Once you’ve taken your portfolio of “bucket list” photos, find a way to keep them safe. Either put them all in a special album, invest in some picture matting or picture frames, and always make sure that you have them backed up on your hard drive. Those Kodak moments might never come your way again, and that perfect picture might be worth far more than you ever thought it would.

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Posted by Melanie Hargrave

Melanie Hargrave is a wife and homemaker whose family is her pride and joy. She has recently completed her own “photography bucket list,” and got the photos matted by Matboard & More. In addition to spending time with her husband and daughters, she loves being outdoors, playing sports, and sharing her experiences with

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