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Like many of you, I love discovering new websites and exploring the vast ocean we call Internet. At times, while researching a topic, I tend to run into some unique websites completely by accident. Because of this, my bookmarking folder is a mess.

Finding cool websites is kind of like finding candy and then trying to hold on to that candy by bookmarking it for future use. Since I’ve accumulated a great quantity of awesome websites, I decided to do a short post about them.

My hope is that you’ll find these websites useful and maybe even share it with your friends. Before you scroll down I must let you know that they’re not really on the educational side of the spectrum. The sites are mostly fun or useful for very specific problems. Enjoy!

  1. Create color palettes from images. Simply paste a URL of a photo and voila!
  2. Learn something new every minute.
  3. Test your vocabulary skills.
  4. Discover classical music.
  5. Welcome back to the 1990’s!
  6. Create your own flappy bird game.
  7. This website allow you to download old versions of popular software.
  8. Watch movies and tv shows online with your friends.
  9. Summaries of popular web articles summed up in 5 bullet points.
  10. Make cool Gifs from Youtube videos.
  11. The finals are right around the corner and you need to finish your essay? You’re in luck!
  12. Translate any English word into most European languages.
  13. The best GoPro videos on the web.
  14. Want to be on the NSA watchlist? Just click the big red button.
  15. DJ music mixer.
  16. Convert almost any type of file.
  17. Purely hilarious. Web designers are going to love this.
  18. Globetrotting on a budget.
  19. Possibly the best wallpaper website on the web.
  20. Take a few seconds to breathe in and breathe out.
  21. Wind map of the Earth.
  22. Don’t know what to fix for dinner? This website will help.
  23. Paint a song. (Extremely cool, trust me.)
  24. touch friendly synthesizer. 
  25. The 80’s never ended. Travel back in time and experience what it was like!
  26. Want to see what a 320 gigapixel image looks like?
  27. Play nature sounds while reading, meditating, or working.
  28. A nonstop stream of classic Nickelodeon shows from the 90s and early 2000s.
  29. What happens every single second on the Internet.
  30. Unicode faces.
  31. Real time air traffic.
  32. Hack like a programmer in movies. Simply type random letters and the code will display on your screen.
  33. Play the accordion by re-sizing your browser.
  34. A map of the Internet!
  35. Play NES games online.
  36. Want to make an app? This website gives you the resources to do it.
  37. Search images only to get unsafe results.
  38. Learn anything, free.
  39. Listen to Los Angeles citywide dispatch with ambient background music. (It’s very interesting. Check it out.)
  40. Make your own parody Hitler video.
  41. Test your headphones and earphones.
  42. You never know when you’re going to die. Be prepared. With this simple service you can type an email which will go out to your friends and family when you pass away.
  43. Turn animated gifs into a physical flipbook.
  44. If you spend most of your time looking at a computer screen, you need this.
  45. Daft Punk keyboard.
  46. Eyesight simulator.
  47. A website dedicated to finding the worst reviews on Amazon.
  48. Make any URL look shady.
  49. What happened in your birth year?
  50. Turn your mood into music.
  51. Plan your next road trip.
  52. List of default router passwords.
  53. A free tool to convert audio files, images, ebooks, videos, documents, etc.
  54. Turn any map into a watercolor painting.
  55. Huge collection of royalty free music for your projects.
  56. Random facts that will make you smarter.
  57. Track Amazon price history. Save some cash.
  58. The title is pretty self explanatory. This website allows you to test your monitor and find dead pixels.
  59. Scale of the universe.
  60. Listen to rain and thunderstorms online.
  61. Can’t figure out what font that is? Upload it to this website.
  62. Free public domain audiobooks.
  63. Convert Youtube videos to mp3s.
  64. Check if a website is down for everyone or just you.
  65. Use the serial number stored in your photos to search the web for other photos taken with the same camera.
  66. A web based screen recorder.
  67. Do you hate it when you call an 1-800 number and are forced to talk to that stupid machine? This website shows you how to get a human on the phone as fast as possible.
  68. Convert almost anything.
  69. If this, then that. This amazing service lets you create powerful connections across various social networks and apps with simple statements.
  70. Broadcast live audio messages.
  71. Send anonymous emails to anyone.
  72. A huge marketplace of $5 dollar services.
  73. Create stunning videos from photos, videos, and music.
  74. Check your writing for spelling and grammatical errors.
  75. A free mind mapping tool.
  76. Find own who is behind a website.
  77. Download free stock photos.
  78. Convert any image to a vector.
  79. Create your own human beatbox masterpiece.
  80. The best website on the Internet. You can do anything on!

I hope you found this useful. If you know of a cool website that deserves to be on this list, feel free to tell me. I’ll gladly add it to the list.

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov

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