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Trends change more frequently than seasons do. And like the seasons, the trends do get repeated often. The latest trend in the web design is inspired more or less by the designs from the 1980s. This era has now been officially declared as retro, to be more exact “the modern retro”; the fusion of uniqueness of the retro and the modern style. One of the reasons for this uproar is how

Many web designers would now get to relive their youth. Here, we tell you why 80s style still has the power to rock the world of web designing in 2017. You can also seek some ways to use the trend like a pro for your designing business.

The Old Is the New, New

retro design

Ever wondered what’s so unique about the “old” style that it stills never fails to impress the globe? The reason is that the elements that were designed back in the 1980s, truly inspire the today’s design for websites and apps. The pixelated designs or the style of posters and albums gain popularity even in this era.

The ‘modern retro’ style includes all the beauty and charm of the 80s accompanied with the latest technology and everything you would like to have in a website today. The little alterations give this old classy style a new and amazing look. The “retro” style iconography is a trend that is not going to die any sooner. In fact, it has been quite a common trend in the web designing arena.

Large Patterns and Fonts


Merry Kistschmas

Large geometric shapes and large fonts at the centerpiece provide a great look and they have been all time favorite of everyone. Appropriate fonts simply add that cherry to your website. A little modification, and then your page is all set to astound the audience. Do not go for full scale redesigning. Other better options are also available. Think of old school gaming remotes, large music players; all have been incorporated in a manner where they can now be used with new websites either for icons or main content.

Use your sense of style to choose the best option for you.

  • Use an outline if the design is neat and well thought-out and something in the background can be easily seen.
  • Use large geometrical shapes to enhance the bold, pop of color or interest of the photo or overall design that is not so alluring.

Power of Fashion

Regardless of the genre to which a particular trend belongs, every trend, every style impacts the other. The trend in art gallery influences the one at the ramp show. The interiors of your house impact the design of your android apps.

Similarly, what your eyes catch on runways, from short hair to crop top to pants, everything inspires the design of your creative website. Textiles manifest visually delighting elements all around. If the shoppers set the trend to neon green shirts or pants with self-patterns, you should not be astonished to find the trend of neon spirals inspiring the sidebar of a new or a redesigned website.

Memphis design trend gains traction

Memphis interior design

SOURCE: memphis milano

Don’t know about the Memphis Design? Don’t worry. We are here for you. The Memphis design trend is characterized by bright colors, rebellious outlook and plenty of shapes and lines. It’s a level higher than using the concepts all alone. The credit of this aesthetic beauty goes to the Memphis Group, a group of interior designers from the 1980s.

Space and dark styles



The era of the 80s is also dedicated to art styles that use neon on dark backgrounds and space themes. This unique charm of the designs and color palettes included beautiful combinations of purples, yellows and oranges.

Space has also remained a dominating theme. Who doesn’t gets carried away to the other world after seeing the eye-catches images of space? Many firms working on space-centered designs are successful in creating the memories from this design.

Influence of Material and Flat will Dominate

On a close observation, it appears as the flat followed by material design patterns have been the talk of the design world for some time. This includes layering styles, vibrant colors and all modern trends. This truly gives the user a great experience. This can indeed be called a kind of modern evolution where current trends with the retro designs are shaking the world.

“Cute” iconographic styles are totally hip


80s styles, if you remember, also had those cute tiny icons on a canvas. The tiny palm trees, the sunglasses on the shirt, a hot summer day picturization, lines on notebooks, all were there in the 1980s.

Iconography is now regaining its lost charm and popularity. Now we have more cool icons styles. These are line art, hand drawn and full paint options. Using icons can create very interesting and attractive webpages. Even when you do not have many other visuals. They help to organize your visually content very interestingly and effectively. In fact, it is quite a common sight to see a boutique business or a school website to flaunt these icons.

Here’s the secret to using 80s iconographies: lots of cute little icons all over the space. The more random placements appear, the more 80s flair the design will have.

Bold color is made for screens


The colors of the screens. Yes, we are talking about the bold colors. Posters can’t me made out of neon green. The reason being is that the posters would not be clearly and easily visible when made with neon light. You got to adjust your lighting. But there were other colors who worked with the screens in complete harmony. But now even bright colors have been gaining popularity.

The freedom has made the world of web design more creative. So, we guess that these were the enough reasons why 1980s design is all set to rule the design market in 2017. Indeed, many designs enthuse are going to embrace this period which brings along with it the splendor of the 1980s.

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