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Can you imagine what a single spark of creativity can do? Everything you see around you is a product of creativity. The interesting thing is that everybody is creative in their own way. And each person’s creativity can turn into something great, especially if they set their mind into it.

What Happens When People Get Creative


Why is there a need for people to become creative? To put it in the simplest way possible, amazing things happen when people get creative. Even the simplest things around us, like the pen you’re using or the plate you ate on this morning, are there because someone became creative decades and centuries ago.

When people get creative, expect the following things to happen:

Something beautiful is made

How many poems have been written out of a creative mind? How many paintings and sculptures grace the halls of museums? How many pieces of graffiti are tolerated (and even lauded) because of their amazing beauty? Creativity is a process that often yields something attractive, something charming, something beautiful. And when creativity is at its peak, you just might create something that would take people’s breaths away.

Needs are given solutions

Although creativity is often linked to artistry more than logic, even the most logical professions in the world require creativity to work. How do you think computers were made? It’s because there was a need to make business processes faster and more efficient. There was a great need, and creativity yielded a unique solution that continues to evolve up to this day.

Unique thoughts emerge

No two people are alike. This means that each person who thinks creatively will also have unique thoughts. These unique thoughts, when acted upon, can turn into unique creations. Inventions, for example, are evidence of this phenomenon. A simple coffee mug, for example, could seem so mundane. But before it was invented, nobody else thought about creating something like it. With a stroke of creativity of one person, he was able to create something that everyone uses today.

People are shown a different side of things

When creative juices flow, people also have a huge tendency to see things in ways that other people won’t see. These bursts of creativity are a perfect way to show other people how different things are from your point of view.

Without a doubt, creativity can make amazing things happen.

The Keys to Unlocking Your Creativity


Everybody has their own supply of creativity stocked somewhere. But not everybody tries as hard to unleash these creative thoughts. Of course, all these would depend on how a person uses their mind. There are psychological ways for you to boost your supply of creativity – all you need is to use your mind the right way.

Here are a few psychological keys for you to unlock your creativity:

1. Give your mind some quiet time.

Nope, this should not be done only when you have free time. Especially if you’re a person who’s always on the go, you will always find ways to keep yourself busy, which means that your mind is also too preoccupied to be creative most of the time.

Set aside around 5 to 10 minutes each day and just let yourself be. Empty your mind and allow it to rest from the usual chaos. Remember that your mind has more room to be creative if you allow it to rest.

2. Try new things.


Stick to a routine and you’ll eventually run out of things that would inspire you to think differently. And remember that the moment you lose inspiration, you also lose all chances of coming up with something creative.

Try out new things every so often. It could be a new hobby that you’ve been thinking about recently. It could also be a new book series that’s completely different from the ones you’ve read so far. You can even rearrange your daily routine just to make things different from how it always is. When these changes are made on a regular basis, your brain is also challenged to look at things differently. This gives you brand new ideas that could spark your creativity anew.

3. Accept that you’re different and special.

A lot of people see themselves as ordinary. They feel like they’re just like all the other people around them, moving aimlessly every day, following the same paths, the same direction, the same routines. But just like your fingerprint, there is something completely different about your personality that completely differentiates you from the person beside you. And once you embrace these differences, you can start thinking in ways that no one else has thought about before. This delivers results that are special and unique to your brand of thinking, something that shows people your own brand of creativity.

4. Know what motivates and demotivates you.

Your biggest source of creative juices would be your motivation. This is why it is extremely important to understand what motivates you. By moving towards things that motivate you, you also give your brain the chance to send even more creative juices your way.

Following this logic, it only makes sense that you should avoid what demotivates you as well. This way, you can have as much of the good stuff and stay as far away as possible from all the bad stuff that sucks the creativity out of you.

Of course, there will be times when demotivation is unavoidable. In these cases, it is important to master how to deal with them. Understanding what these things are would help you in this aspect. If your overbearing boss demotivates you greatly for example, you can find ways on how you can turn his rude criticism to a challenge for you to become even better at your craft.

5. Make each project more challenging.


Especially if you’ve been working on overly simplistic projects over and over, your mind could sometimes fall into a state of comfort. This could be very dangerous to your growth in a creative sense. Remember that the more comfortable you might be in a situation, the more relaxed your brain also is. This means that the creative juices may start to turn from an overflow into a mere trickle.

The next time you feel that all the projects you’re working on are starting to become too routinary or ordinary, try to shake things up a bit. You can give yourself a tighter deadline for example, or try an approach that you’ve struggled with in the past. These new challenges will keep you on your toes, which would eventually lead to a boost in the flow of creative juices.

6. Have fun.

Sometimes, people become too goal-oriented that they forget how to have fun. Especially when you’re working on tight deadlines, you might end up falling into the trap of doing things the fastest way you know how. This could greatly restrict your creativity.

Instead of stressing about your goals too much, try to focus on what makes this fun. A fun environment will allow you to experiment a bit and become more adventurous with your projects.

7. Allow yourself to daydream.

The funny thing is, daydreaming is something a lot of people forget to do once they get older. The more serious one’s career becomes, the more they also neglect the power of daydreaming. But daydreaming is actually a great way to show how creative you really are. When you daydream, you create scenarios that may not be happening in real life. But the creation process alone is already great proof that you have some creativity inside of you, just waiting to be let out.

Schedule some daydreaming time within your day. When you daydream, allow your mind to wander as far as it wants to go. The farther from reality it is, the better. This allows you to take away the limits that could be restricting your thinking process.

8. Be ready for failure.


It’s funny how people plan for success, but not for failure. Did you know that planning for failure will actually allow you to think in ways that you’ve never thought before?

Think about all the possible ways for you to fail. Even in dead end situations, allowing yourself to plan for it will let you think differently than usual. You have to will yourself to avoid these failures you’re planning for. And when this happens, some of the craziest ideas start to emerge. And these crazy ideas might actually turn out to be strokes of genius in the end.

9. Believe in yourself.

Do you know how many people fail to maximize their creative side just because they don’t believe in their own creativity? Far too many, sadly.

Before you can allow your creative juices to flow, you first have to believe that they’re deep inside of you somewhere. After all, how can you expect something to come out if you don’t believe it’s there in the first place? Have more faith in yourself. Believe that you’re a creative person. Once you start believing in what you can do, those creative juices will just start flowing out of you without any effort.

Creativity can definitely allow you to do amazing things. And most of the time, it’s your mind that’s limiting the amount of creativity coming out of your system.

Give these tips a rundown and start integrating them into your regular routine. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself finding new ways to think and look at things. You may even find better ways to do things you’ve always done before. From here, you can start creating things that are uniquely you. And eventually, you may end up creating something so unique, it would end up changing the way the world sees things.

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