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Are you looking to sell your products on the internet but don’t know where to start? Well here’s an infographic from CPC Strategy, a shopping feed management company, that will show you how and give you a few laughs along the way too. “A Humorous Guide To Selling Products Online” is a flow chart that starts us innocently enough with a man kicking over a taped box. “Are you just trying to get rid of old stuff?” And the journey begins.

The flow chart takes us through the different online options for selling our products and lists prominent websites such as Ebay and iTunes, but also gives us lesser known options like Yardsellr and Etsy. The infographic is colorful and visually enticing which helps to keep our attention along the way. Even a novice can find their way through the chart, and after a few chuckle-induced stops (Are you in a band? Are you any good?) you arrive at your destination.

In a world with so many options and specializations, it can be difficult to navigate the channels and find which service would be the best to fit your needs. It’s even tougher when the major sites try to force all of the traffic to their pages. CPC’s flow chart does a great job at taking the individual needs of a seller and helping them to find the website that will work the best for them. Whether you are an experienced product distributor or an internet novice, you will get a few kicks out of “A Humorous Guide To Selling Products Online” and you’ll probably learn a thing or two about how you should be selling your products too.

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This infographic was provided by: shopping feed management agency.

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