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Founded in March 2010, Inspirationfeed provides useful information about design, business, self development, entrepreneurship, inspiration, tutorials, and other web related topics. Our mission is to inform, educate, and inspire people.

We strongly believe that quality is better than quantity. As we proceed in the future our objective is to expand and provide even more valuable content. Here at Inspirationfeed we strive to create timeless content that can be used years from now. Currently Igor Ovsyannykov manages all of the operations here at Inspirationfeed.

At times people have a hard time describing who they are. In life you learn something new everyday single day, meaning that every lesson might change who you are. For the time being, I will share who I am, and what I like.

I’ll be completely honest, when I write an article I usually say We.Truth be told I’m the only one who runs and manages this website on a daily basis. However I’m very happy and grateful for all of the talented guest bloggers who have published their work on Inspirationfeed. I love meeting new people who are interested in the same topics. I believe all humans have a vast amount of knowledge from education and personal experience. If you ever wish to share it with others, I would be more than happy to publish your article.

Most people think design is just somebody making something in Illustrator or Photoshop, little do they know that’s just a gist. Think big for a second….Design is everywhere you look. Every single item you own was once a prototype, now it’s used by millions if not billions of people. This simple assertion makes me appreciate video games, cars, architecture, technology, music, movies, literature, and much more.

Part of the reason I started this website, is because I needed answers to my own questions. By having an online presence, my answered inquiries are articles that enable me to use them as resources. I really hope my articles will help you and make your life easier. If you have to take away one thing from this About page, let it be this: Inspiration will lead you to achieving things you never thought were possible. 

I strongly hope you enjoy your stay here and will return frequently for fresh content! Currently, I strive to publish a new article every single weekday.

If you have any further question or just wish to say hi, feel free to contact me!