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Many of us are oblivious to the difference between what we’re getting and what do we actually deserve. How can a jewel be price tagged? It’s worth is assessed by someone who knows it’s correct value, right? What I am trying to suggest here is that never allow others to price tag your value, as they can never even roughly estimate your true worth. It is you who ought to do this job instead of having some unpaid employees to do that for you. It is crucial to understand that each one of us are immensely great.

Our lives are worthy of respect, and we all hold the birthright to lead a happy life. Most of us are living a life that incessantly revolves around others. We wear what others want us to wear and even pursue the career suggested by others. Why do we allow something like this to happen? Let’s face it. We are just in a race to please everyone else around and strangling our own desires. This post is for all those out there who’re settling for less in life than what they actually deserve. Here are some alarming signs that will prove that you’re sailing in a wrong boat. To take a smooth ride in the journey of life, hook on to reading this post!

Complaining Has Become the Part of My Life’s Vocabulary.

People become grumpy when they are unable to make their wishes come true. So, it is certainly a checkpoint that you must not afford to ignore. Keep an eye on your conduct. Are you becoming excessive irritable nowadays? Are you making your living from the sack of complaints? If the answer is a big yes, then you must know that you’re somewhere unhappy and settle for less in life. It is a bitter truth indeed. But, you’re a champ! Always remember that true crusaders never fear from the reality checks.

If there is a wish resting deep inside you since ages, then now is the time to bring it out. Chuck out the negative thoughts and the consequences for once, and just make it happen. You will feel lighter. Trust me, complaining is a big wastage of time and energy. If your present situation is troubling you, put efforts to change it, instead of grumbling about it and making everyone else around the victims of your bad-tempered deeds.

I Always Feel Deprived of Positive Energy.

There is no amount of positive energy left inside me. Is it what you think more often? Are you not feeling any effervescence & enthusiasm in life? If yes, then it is a serious problem that must get corrected as soon as possible. Even after taking a sound sleep of eight hours, if you feel tired, then you must know that you lack the excitement and happiness in your life.

We drive energy from the things that make us feel joyful. In your present situation, if there is anything that is making you distress, then do not allow it to overtake you. Do not welcome negative energy, and focus on creating fresh, positive vibes for your life. If you have failed in one opportunity, then do not close the doors for the new ones. Make a list of the things that makes you jubilant; it is certainly fine if it sounds funny to others. Live your life on your own terms, rather than letting someone else to define the standards. This is what you truly deserve, so do not settle for less.

I’m No More Thankful for What I Have.

No More Thankful for What I Have (1)

You never know the life you’re cursing right now is the dream for someone else lying on the death bed. Even if you have plenty of the reasons to cry, you indeed must have some things to acknowledge that others are short of. Instead of always crying over the unpleasant situations, it is better to be thankful for what you have. Put yourself in a scanner, and examine whether you’re truly grateful for your life or not. If not, then you better do it from now.

Sometimes we put our minds in pondering too much about the nasty times we had, our bad experiences, and failures. But, how many times do we mull over about our achievements, successful, and happy moments? Learn to pay gratitude for what you have as it will only double your assets. Trust me, if you just will feel sorry for yourself day in & day out, then one day you will end up losing all what you had earlier. To attract more good things in life, and to make your deep desire come true, you need to start appreciating your relationships, work, and most importantly your inner self. 

I Do Not Believe In ‘ME.’

Not believing in the power of your life is a common bad habit that needs an immediate exit. People who do not believe in their potential often find themselves in the aura of self-doubt. They say – ‘Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.’ Do not blame others if they belittle or looked down upon you, as you are already doing it, right? So, the fault is within us, and we blame others for not believing in our efforts. That’s truly not fair! If you do not even try doing the things you want to do in life because of the fear of getting a failure, then nothing could be lousy than this. Have confidence in your innate power that can do wonders. Do not let the lack of confidence deter you from the path of the success you’re pining to get for a long time. Exhale doubt & inhale confidence. Do this exercise whenever you think- ‘I cannot do it.’ Once you start manifesting the faith, you will experience the joy that belongs to you. And one fine day- you will proudly be able to say that you’re not settling for less, you’re getting what you’re worthy of.

I Feel Envy of Others

Envy (1)

You do not feel elated while witnessing others succeeding in life. Am I saying it right? If this feeling invariably comes in your mind, then you know what I mean to say. You weren’t able to meet your desires, and that is why you think how can everyone else be happy and successful? It is important to understand that we all have our own set of challenges and struggles. Some people endure the suffering of illness whereas some suffer on account of abusive relationship, and some live a life lack of basic necessities due to the pecuniary constraints. We always wish to get into the shoes of the people around us, without being cognizant of a number of hardships they must have faced to reach the desired destination. And you never know how much pain they’re still encountering. So, better not to compare your life with that of others. The wise individuals always admire the triumph of others and value the efforts behind their success, rather than giving in to envy.

I hope you will withstand the winds of agony as an intrepid fighter! If you can relate with all the alarming signs stated-above then, do not procrastinate to uproot them from your life. The moment you will start making an effort to improve your existence, you will experience that you’ve stopped settling for less, and getting exactly what you deserve!

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