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Throughout life, there are moments when we all need a bit of advice, and lately, this has come in the form of podcasts. There are podcasts for everything under the sun: sports, comedy, history, science, and even those for entrepreneurs.

By now, more and more people are noticing just how awesome podcasts can be, but for those who are still not sold on the format, then look here and discover more about what is a podcast and how you can listen to them.

For the podcast fans who are already somewhat familiar with how they work, you might have come to the point where you actually want to start learning some facts, and not just have something inane on in the background while you drive or complete household chores.

There are many brilliant podcasts which can really get your head thinking about things it has maybe never thought about before! We want to run through a few of them and help you find out more about life.


Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know Podcast

Easily the longest-standing podcast on this list, Stuff You Should Know (often abbreviated to SYSK) has been around since 2008 and has released well over 1,000 episodes!

Hosts Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark really know a great deal about the world and give in-depth yet easy-to-understand facts about a whole range of topics (everything from unexplained mysteries to architecture to animals and so much more). The banter between the hosts is fun and light, and you definitely won’t feel like you’re getting a boring lecture on something! Learn about everything with SYSK.


Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends

If mythical tales like The Odyssey, Robin Hood, King Arthur, and Thor (from Norse mythology, not the Marvel movies), then let Jason Weiser take you on fascinating recaps of some of the greatest stories ever told. In around 40 minutes, Weiser deftly summarizes all the important points from each story, which are sometimes told in three parts due to the sheer amount of content.

With more than 150 episodes, Myths and Legends has covered several great sagas from folklore, but there are so many more to come. Find a great story, curl up on the couch with a tea, and step into wonder.


Hey Riddle Riddle

Hey Riddle Riddle

One of the newest podcasts on the scene, Hey Riddle Riddle is a podcast about, well, riddles. Hosted by the incredibly funny and smart trio of Adal Rifai, John Patrick Coan, and Erin Keif, the show only had its first episode online on 25th July 2018, but has come out of the gate storming and ready to take on other podcasts in the big leagues. Here, your mental arithmetic will be tested in the form of riddles, puzzles, and brain-busting questions, but it’s very lighthearted and fun, so you’ll also be entertained! Give it a try.


Art of Manliness

The art of manliness podcast

While it’s mostly aimed at males, the Art of Manliness podcast can really be consumed by anyone and everyone. Hosted by Brett McKay, many of the episodes do cover topics about men’s manners in certain situations, how to mentally cope in challenging circumstances, as well as fashion and grooming advice.

However, there are hundreds of episodes covering prominent figures in history, such as those who’ve worked with NASA or fought in WW2, as well as interviews with guests to discuss books they’ve written. With over 400 episodes in the archive, the Art of Manliness podcast is a must for anyone trying to better themselves.

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