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Deciding between Android and iPhone is not easy. Both have strong features; they can perform everyday tasks easily, so casual users will have a hard time spotting the difference. However, there are certain aspects that can influence your decision on what to buy. This hort and sweet article will help clear up most question regarding this decision.

Do You Use a Lot of Google Apps?

If you rely on Google Docs, Gmail etc, the Android would be ideal. The phone is designed specially to work with these applications and they can increase your productivity. If you’re not really into Google apps, this won’t have an effect on your decision.

Virus Protection

While iPhones are somewhat restricting, the environment keeps viruses, malware and spyware at bay. If you are worried about getting files infected, the iOS is the ideal choice. This is one of the reasons why some people prefer Mac over Windows; the former is virus free.

For some, the antivirus software on Windows machines is not enough. This is also the situation with iPhones and Android. If you want to be really safe, go for the iPhone. But if you are careful, don’t open attachments from strangers or click links to unknown websites; Android phones will be a safe bet too.

App Choices

Common everyday apps are available for both phones. But if you’re the type who likes to download new apps every day, here are some things to consider. With an iPhone, you can only buy from the App Store. Apps sold here have Apple’s stamp of approval. You are assured the app will work with the iOS. But your choices are limited to what the company approves.

Apps for Android have no such restrictions. You can get apps from Google Play, the official store. But there are other websites where you can get these apps too. While you can download to your heart’s delight, there are drawbacks. Chief of these is that you alone are responsible for the unit’s security.

Windows vs. Macintosh

If you are a Mac user, the answer to the whole Android or iPhone will be easy: the iPhone. The transition would be easy; the environment would be similar too. If you are a long time Windows user who likes tinkering around, Android would be the better choice. Both phones are easy to use, but the iPhone is slightly simpler. If you have been using a Mac, the iPhone would be a natural extension.

Hardware Choices

Apple has total control over the iPhone, the hardware and software. Your choices are limited to what the company offers in terms of price and models. Android software is available to many companies. Some models are cheaper than the iPhone, but the quality varies. If quality is the top priority, you can’t go wrong with an iPhone. If you want Android, look for a reliable brand.

Other Considerations

The newest iPhones can last days without requiring a charge. With Android, the quality varies because there are different variants. When it comes to battery life, iPhones have the edge. Another advantage of the iPhone is that it supports older versions of the OS. But Android has an advantage when it comes to GPS navigation and screen size (up to 5.3 inches compared to 3.5 for the iPhone).

Finally, you need to think about what your friends and colleagues use. Many popular apps are multi-platform compatible, but others are not. If you have to share data using specific software, compatibility will be important.

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