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The application of theories and principles related to psychology for overcoming various problems of certain areas is known as applied psychology. These areas comprise of law, mental health, education, business management, product design and ergonomics. These areas are further broken down as clinical psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, counseling psychology, forensic psychology, engineering psychology, human factors along with sports psychology and school psychology.

There are also specialized field of study such as applied cognitive psychology and applied social psychology. A psychologist may pursue many careers and these may not be restricted to working as therapists or researchers.

  • Applied psychologists make use of the principles and theoretical knowledge to solve problems of the real world.
  • Applied psychology comprises of a lot of worth considering areas to study for individuals who wish to pursue careers in psychology.

Understanding individuals and communities in different fields of human society is the direct outcome of applied psychology. It is an ever growing field that takes assistance from other fields of psychology.

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