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If you’re reading this, then I’ve already proved my point. Hard hitting, engaging and downright interesting headlines are the 2nd most important part of copywriting. Get the text right and the headline oh-so-wrong people won’t even read your hard work.

In a world where the Internet, T.V. and gaming rules, audiences are becoming increasingly desensitised. What once would have encouraged loads of readers will now just get a shrug from potential clients. Think about the 80/20 rule; 80% of people will see your headline, but only 20% will read the post.

Audiences just aren’t lured in by the same things anymore. You need to produce clever, catchy and interesting headlines that will jump out on crowed websites and Twitter feeds. If your headlines are unique and engaging, people will read, comment and share.

In terms of article marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO), the headline is key. You want readers to pick up your articles, republish the copy and most importantly click your links.  So, as promised, here are 5 headline ideas to get you started:

1. [Number of Ways] to [Blank]

Make a specific promise to you reader about what they can expect in your article. That way they know straight away what it’s about and what it means to them:

  • 7 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers
  • 5 Ways to Get Fit In Your Own Home

2. How to [Do Something Interesting/Useful/Complicated]

People love to find ways to do something easier. Offer people solutions to common problems. You could even mix these ‘How To’ headlines with the ‘list’ posts:

  • How to Get a Job on TV
  • How to Get a Body Like Britney

3. The Truth About [Blank]/The Secret Of [Blank]

Whether we like it or not, we’re obsessed with all things doom and gloom. Uncover secrets and hidden truths in your posts. People are always checking to see if they’re being ripped off or could get better deals elsewhere:

  • The Truth About Facebook Privicy
  • The Secret of Online Dating

4. Discover How [Blank]

Offering to teach someone how to do something is a great way to attract readers. Especially if it’s something often regarded as difficult or time consuming:

  • Discover How to Work Less and Earn More
  • Discover How You Can Make Money With Shares

5. [Blank] – Your Questions Answered

If you speak directly to your readers they’re more likely to read your piece. Answer common questions and solving common mysteries, misconceptions or problems:

  • Controlling Dog Barking – Your Questions Answered
  • Planning a Wedding on a Budget – Your Questions Answered

Other simple ways you can jazz up your headline would be with general copywriting secrets. Include alliteration, rhyming or humour. Try and avoid hyperbole and make sure you pay off the promise of your headline. If you’re offering something, deliver on it.

Nailing the headline is something that will come with practice and eventually become second nature. Just make sure the copy you follow it up with is as equally as engaging and informative.

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  1. Awesome tips by the author. I will be implementing these headline writing tips. Thanks for sharing.

  2. you write that “If you’re reading this, then I’ve already proved my point. Hard hitting, engaging and downright interesting headlines are the 2nd most important part of copywriting.”

    Except i got here by stumbling, having no idea what your website is or having seen the title of the article. And having seen you start your article with such self agrandizing fluff I’m hitting the stumble button in 3….2….

  3. Do You Ponder About The Secret of How to Remember the 5 Ways to Discover How to Make a Long Title – Your Questions Answered Here

    Am I doing this right?

  4. Comments are a bit harsh on here. I just wanted to say that these are spot on. I have split tested these on my blog as well as guest posts and found that at least the top 2 work best for my topics in marketing and social media.

    I find it hard to ever use the word secret. It is effective, but sounds slimy.

    Good stuff.


  5. Great advice on grabbing attention in just a few words. Thanks.

  6. I find some things on here great for implementing into my writer’s workshop with sixth graders. Thanks for the tips!

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