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People blog for different reasons. Some people blog to share their experiences or stories, some blog for personal enjoyment and others blog to try and make money. Some people have no desire to profit off their blog. They simply enjoy writing or sharing their thoughts and experiences with others. Other people are focused solely on making money, and they try and implement every money-making scheme known to man in order to achieve this goal.

The interesting thing about blogs is that oftentimes, those people who blog solely for fun are the ones who end up making money quicker than those who are trying to turn a profit.

Blogging for profit

When you start blogging solely for the intention of making money, you become stressed. You try to ensure that all of your posts are perfect, and you spend too much time trying to do too much. Not only are you starting to blog, but you feel the need to join every social network so that you can drive traffic to your site (because the more traffic you generate, the higher your profits can be). On top of social media, you are also trying to implement every other money-making tactic, such as joining affiliate programs or creating pay-per-click advertisements. While all of these tactics will help, taking on too many of these items at once will stress you out. When you’re stressed, your blog posts will suffer, and you can burn out quickly.

Blogging for profit also makes you focus solely on making that profit. Instead of blogging about topics that interest you or will benefit your readers, you start dishing out anything that allows you to build links or includes keywords that will generate traffic to your site. This discourages your readers, as your blog will end up without a designated purpose.

Blogging for fun

When you blog for fun, you blog consistently and you tend to provide quality content because you are enjoying what you do. You are not stressing over what to write, and blogging may actually be a stress reliever.

Blogging for fun also allows you to write about your interests and keeps your posts more lighthearted. You are not concerned about determining topics that your readers want, and you focus less on being perfect. This promotes more natural language, making it easier for your readers to follow.

You are also not concerned with tackling too much at one time. When you blog for fun, you simply want to blog. There’s no need to join every social network, start affiliate marketing or pay for advertising. Instead, you will build a dedicated following that will benefit from your blog on their own. If you feel the need to join social networks later, you always have that possibility.

Most blogging sites allow you to get paid if you allow advertisements to be placed on your  blog. You don’t have to do anything other than allow ads on your site, and if people click on the ads, you get paid a small percentage. These ads are usually targeted to the content you produce. If your blog is about fishing, most of the ads will be related to fishing. If you blog for fun and build a strong following, you could earn money when people click on your ads.

You could also decide to become an affiliate marketer to one company. For example, if you notice that you’re constantly blogging about Bass Pro Shop, you can try to become an affiliate. When people buy something from them through the link you provide, you will earn money. All you have to do is remember to include your link in your post. This won’t change what you write, and it will stay in line with blogging for fun.

If your blog gains popularity, you could also become recognized as an expert, and people may want to interview you or have you guest post on their blog. Sometimes, these people will pay for these services.

As long as you’re not focused on turning a profit and you remain stress free and blog for fun, you may notice the possibilities to make a profit come more naturally. If blogging becomes more like a job instead of a fun hobby, it will increase your stress level and you may find yourself uninterested in blogging.

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  1. what you said is right.. better we stick on to the intended goal of blogging for pure fun and earning if any should come as a bye product only

  2. you are right but now a days people are coming for make money from their blog and got failed. Blogging should be always fun and passion.

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