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There are a million and one blog posts out there that all claim to give away the secret ingredient for an effective link building campaign, most of them harp on about creating great content and letting the links just come in naturally. Or they use huge sites as examples and businesses that are already household names and that credibility naturally.

If you’re running a smaller website or even a start up this can be so frustrating – where do you get these magical links from when you don’t yet have any authority or credibility or even any traffic? In all honesty there is no short cut and there’s no secret ingredient, it takes time and hard work but here’s 6 ways any site not matter how small can get great links with lots of power without having to spend a fortune buying them.

Build Yourself A Name

Eventually you want to become a recognised industry leader, you want people to see your name and know instantly you know what you’re talking about so you might as well start this now. Create a stock pile of really high quality, informative content that proves you know your stuff. Drip feed it through your site and your blog but don’t expect any amazing results overnight, this is just laying the foundations to build from. Following the same logic start getting social, start using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and any other social network that happens to be in favour at the moment. Again, you’re not doing this for instant gains; you’re just helping to lay the foundations that your link building campaign is going to stand on.

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Posted by Jess

Jess works for Ambition Blinds who have a diverse back link profile for their made to measure roman blinds and Velux window blinds website.


  1. Great advice. So few people realise how important link building is to their success.

  2. Social media not only gets your brand out their but it also gets relevant back links to your website.

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  4. Thanks Jess, some great link building refreshers even for veterans like myself, you can get in the same old rut when link building day after day so it’s great to get a few new ideas. I need to get a bit more active on the social media front i think 😉

  5. Awasome, people often forget about link building as one of the source to rank their site in search engine.

  6. Nice tips to take for my link building site.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. I really appreciate this list. I hadn’t thought about contacting my college to see if they would be interested in linking to me.

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