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The year 2013 is set to be a great financial year for most companies but this depends on their marketing techniques. In a world where every business is focused on online marketing, this is the right time to switch to the less-crowded offline system. The future of offline marketing is bright judging from the recent consumer trends in the market.

From the professional point of view, offline marketing is closer to consumers more than the online option. This is also the major reason why offline marketing is set to become one of the most successful forms of marketing in 2013. However, this form of marketing can only be successful in 2013 when the right techniques are used. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work and creativity to shift clients from the popular online system to the offline version.

Approaching your clients directly

There are so many conferences, exhibitions and trade shows lined up in the UK to provide the right platform for companies to showcase their products and services through the use of banners and other forms of outdoor marketing. The year 2013 will be the year of showcasing what your company offers in terms of products and services. These trade shows provide the ultimate opportunity to create a firm network with other members in this industry as you aim at expanding your customer base.

Reviving the old marketing techniques


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Print marketing is also expected to be one of the greatest offline marketing techniques in 2013. The good thing about print marketing is that the information can be kept for many years to come. Besides, both online and offline marketing work hand in hand with each other and this means that the absence of either of them might lead to ineffective marketing. This also explains why the future of print marketing will remain bright in 2013 and beyond. However, you will have to adhere to the principles of print marketing for best results. They include:

  • A well-defined headline
  • Pictures to capture the reader’s attention
  • The body to portray the intended message
  • Company’s logo for brand recognition
  • Call to action message

Taking advantage of modern technology

The year 2012 was famous for the launch of various technological innovations such as smart phones and for this reason, your business can take advantage of augmented reality as a crucial offline marketing option. This system integrates modern technology with the real life of consumers in form of mobile phone applications.

These include the use of GPS signals, eye-wear, video, audio and visual effects. In this case, the real life realities are modified and displayed in highly-powered devices such as smart phones through various applications, for the sake of reducing the gap between consumers and producers.

Investing in mobile applications

Some marketers have even started developing applications that detect the location of a consumer while displaying the available stores, ATMS, restaurants and other useful facilities that might be needed by the user. It is estimated that more than 2.5 billion reality applications will be downloaded to various smart phones by the year 2017. This provides the best opportunity for companies to take advantage of this new marketing trend to attract potential clients in 2013.

Taking advantage of modernized televisions and radio sets

Most people tend to believe that the future of televisions and radios is bleak but that is not the case. In fact, with the introduction of advanced features in most TVs and radios, offline marketing is set to undergo a major boost in 2013. You can now watch movies from some gaming devices thanks to the role of new technology. Marketers can take advantage of these new developments to sponsor their brands through the visual effects of the gaming devices.

Additionally, some advanced remote control systems allow the users to issue command prompts such as detecting the current weather, where to go shopping and other crucial services and this is what you need to explore for better marketing. With all these techniques in mind, the year 2013 is set to be of great value to your entire business without the intervention of the Internet.

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