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So it’s a Monday again and I need to start writing about something to be submitted to a guest blogging site. While searching for some articles online that I missed during the weekend, I encountered a White Board Friday video in – about comment marketing.

Comment marketing is one sure way of getting known and building reputation in SEO. If it is done properly, it will be much easier to market your site.

What is comment marketing?

According to Rand Fishkin, comment marketing simply involves commenting in blogs in order to earn trust of the other bloggers and also the author of the article. Most of these people are authorities so commenting is a great way to get exposure.

Blog commenting should be aimed in building awareness, trust, and likability. This is one way of promoting your name (or your persona). But it should always be remembered that as we go along commenting in different sites, there are also things that should be avoided like focusing too much on getting links, very shallow comments, creating multiple profiles, etc.

I must admit, I am also guilty of these. My personal belief is that anything that we do online must bring home the links that we are aiming for. It’s all about the links.

– But here are some reminders for me and maybe for the others. –

It’s about the people, the right ones

Comment marketing targets people. What we aim for is to be known and get familiar with the other regular commenters. These people are usually influencers. Also you can get the attention of the author once you post some thought-stirring comments, questions, or suggestions.

Another important aspect of this is that you need to be in the right crowd, depending on your niche and your field of expertise. Other than targeting the blog sites with “big names”, also aim for those small blogs. They will greatly appreciate your efforts especially if you post some substantial comments.

It’s about quality comments

Quality comments will stir discussion with other knowledgeable people. Comments that usually don’t add value to the discussion of the topic in hand may backfire to the one commenting.

Disagree with the author or with the comments posted after the article. Agreeing about something doesn’t bring us anywhere. And if you want to really catch the attention of the author, then ask some questions, disagree at some points that the author raised, and avoid posting this – “Nice post.”

It’s about building up who you really are (or your persona)

Use the same Gravatar everywhere you go. If it is possible use a real human being face and basically just show the readers and other bloggers that you are a real person. Each comment that you post is one small step to gain respect in the SEO world.

One practical way of doing this is by having a Gravatar account, and use it in most (if not all) of your profiles and accounts. It’s a good thing that most blogging sites already require this. It will make you appear everywhere. A practical tip from the video is to use a photo that will represent you – a smiling happy picture is perfect.

It’s not about the products or services that you are marketing

Although your main goal is to market your product or business, it is important to focus on marketing your content. So remember that your key to actually “infiltrating” a blogging site is to create the best blog articles (posted in your personal site) and promoting them while posting some comments.

Closing thoughts

There are still a lot of important tips in the video that struck me. What I listed above are just some of the reminders that I have for myself when doing some comment marketing. Before you forget everything here after reading, just remember these – focus on building relationships and contacts.

At the end of the day, the reputation will matter more compared to the links.

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Posted by Divorce Jupiter

Comment marketing is one of the areas that we need to explore more in link building. In this article, Ric provides some basic info about comment marketing. Find more of his posts at Divorce Jupiter and Divorce Delray Beach.


  1. All this is great advice. Another thing I like to make sure to do when commenting on other sites (like right now), is actually be somewhat knowledgeable about the topic discussed in the post – or better yet, a passion for the subject.

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