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5 Useful Tips for Great Logo Design

Logos can range from simple or plain to complex in appearance, but, a great logo design requires thought, conceptualization, and planning in addition to design skill. A logo can represent a company of any size, a single person, or even an event.

Whatever it represents, a great logo should:

1. Be Original and Unique:

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Every logo should be custom designed for the client, by a qualified designer, based on specific needs. A designer must consider the message a logo needs to convey and create an original design to reflect that message. Using clipart or other pre-made graphics is considered taboo in logo design. A logo is essentially a business’ identity, and in the same way that no two people share the same identity, no two businesses should share the same logo design.

2. Use Meaningful Colors and Fonts:

Certain colors and fonts are associated with certain feelings. A medical company or accounting firm will probably want to avoid colors and fonts that appear childish or carefree, while a day care center or nightclub will want to avoid logos that appear clinical or too serious.

3. Convey Your Message:

In this fast-paced world, consumers should have a basic understanding of what a company entails after just a quick glance at its logo. If your company deals with animals, you may want your logo to include design elements representative of this. If your company is business related, any symbolism used should reflect business, and so forth.

4. Be Effective and Functional:

A logo should point potential customers to a business rather than distract them from it. It should be complimentary to the business, enhancing it in a creative way while at the same time being functional for a number of different applications. A logo should be scalable from very small to very large without losing its integrity and readability. It should be designed in a way that makes it appropriate to use in print materials as well as on the web. Does your logo need to be reproduced in a single color? Will you need to screen print or embroider your logo onto t-shirts or hats? These are important things to consider when designing a logo as certain design elements are not appropriate for certain applications.

5. Avoid Trendy, Overused Design Elements:

In recent years, certain design elements have become increasingly common and “trendy” in logo design. These trendy elements, while cool to look at, do little to represent your company or trade and can make for a meaningless or forgettable logo.

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