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Designers, engineers and technicians in the past relied on drawings and sketches done on boards and paper to layout their design imagination, for the creation of precise objects and elements. But now, computer aided designs software is used and it enables professionals to make their creations with the use of simple tools on a computer system; and the output comes quicker and neater.

CAD is also very beneficial because the software allow for easy storage of data and copies of drawings, and blueprints can easily be retrieved for the purpose of making copies. Application of CAD includes interior design, mechanics, engineering, electronics, architecture, animation and modeling. In addition to this, CAD has created a number of new approaches in diverse industries; this is especially noticeable in the fashion industry.


CAD is sufficiently used in the field of engineering to aid tasks and designs. It is used for material requirement planning, manufacturing, computer aided analysis and finite element analysis. In materials requirements planning CAD is used to ensure inventory control and production planning. It also ensures that products get to the customers on time and relevant materials are available for production.

It also helps in planning, purchasing and manufacturing activities. In manufacturing it is used to control entire production by allowing distinct processes to initiate action by exchanging information.


CAD is used in the fields of aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, machinery, consumer goods and so on to create designs and blueprints that will be used to manufacture or build products and structures. These blueprints are produced in 3D, thereby helping designers to easily detect any errors or flaws that can lead to the loss of money. CAD helps to streamline the development process of modeling so that new products can get to the market quickly with very little budget. In electronics it is used for designing circuit boards and other software applications.

Architects use is to design all types of building according to their imagination. It gives them the chance to create architectural designs in both 2D and 3D models to produce a replica of how the original work will look like. Fashion designers now use CAD to design their latest fashion expression, making them come out with as much design as possible within a short time. For people who want to express their natural talent, CAD is now available in personal computers where people can make use of it for designing just anything, right there in the home.

Computer Animation

In the media and film industry computer aided design plays a major role in the production highly graphical, entertaining and enticing visual presentation. In the movies, it is used for the creation of special effects; while makers of TV commercials use it to create very lifelike animation of products and objects. Companies also use CAD animation as part of their product research and development.

If the company has some great new ideas about a product they are intending to manufacture, they can use CAD to construct the parts and put it together for the purpose of presentation.  This is a great way to determine exactly how a product will perform when it’s finally produced; and it helps save some good money and time that could have been wasted in making a prototype.

Product Data Management

Now, companies can use CAD software to monitor the business functions related to a particular product’s lifecycle management necessary for the publication of product data. With CAD a products creation, change can be tracked and managed, and all information relating to the product can be archived for future use. This kind of information can be used for data exchange and integration among relevant business users, including sales people, buyers, project managers and quality assurance teams.

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Posted by Frank Thompson

Frank Thompson is a professional CAD technician who creates CAD designs for architects and interior designers which include real life products.

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