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Those driving or walking down the street will divert their attention to a bright, well articulated banner hanging in a shop window. Banners are an effective outdoor marketing, or out of home, technique. Flashy and direct banners can advertise anything from festivals and sales to a new mascot, assisting with a successful marketing campaign. The most efficient advertising does not just supply the reader with information. It is important to inform, but it is more vital to include a call of action to measure its effectiveness.

Grab their attention!

A call to action is defined as a word or phrase that urges the reader to take immediate action in relation to a marketing campaign or sales promotion. It should be a short phrase that is easy to understand, asking the reader to complete a specific task. It is intended to not only increase interest and sales, but to build brand awareness as well. The ideal call to action achieves seven main goals.

The first is to convince the person to complete the action. This is most important because your custom made banner has failed if it does not do this. Next only ask people to do one thing. Too many call to actions can confuse a person and make them lose interest.Take time to develop the call to action. While presenting it, be direct. Jargon or slang can be misleading or confuse readers and then your campaign will fail.

Creating the banner is more than just printing the call to action on it. The call to action should be most prominent alongside a catchy design and font. You want people’s eyes to focus on the statement so they follow it. The best way to entice people to do this is to offer a reward. Consumers love free or discounted goods. It is as simple as offering a 10 percent coupon off their purchase.

Make people rush to complete the action, saying it is a limited time offer, giving the impression that it is a rushed deal. You can do this using the word “now” or “limited time only.” Aside from including the call to action, you need to provide the reader with additional information as to what your product or service is to show why they should complete the call to action.

There are five ways to include a call to action to assure that you get the most out of your marketing.

1. Visit our store or website. This is a physical way that you can measure how effective your call to action is. When people visit the store or website you can count  how many people followed the call to action. The more people you have visit, the more successful your campaign is.

2. Check out our offer. Use a sale or offer to entice people to your website or business. If many of the sale items fly off the shelves, you know that your banner worked. However, if the sale is not a success you should revisit your banner and make some adjustments.

3. Advertise high quality offers. Though the deal is not a major discount, if you are offering a quality item for less, and people will notice. For example, a chair that is normally $800 is now on sale for $600. Watch to see how many people come in and purchase the sale item. If you sell many, the call to action was a success.

4. A call to action for marketing campaigns. When it is time to run a new marketing campaign, tie this into your banner marketing as well. This can be done through the same logo or slogan. For example, if you have a spokes animal such Rex the Dog, tell readers to be on the lookout for him or direct them to a website to find him.

5. Design a call of action based on your customers’ behaviors. If your website is more popular than your store, design your call to action around this. Direct customers to an app if you aim to market a younger demographic. Pay attention to your customers’ needs and choose the best way to reach out to them.

Take the time to create the best call to action as possible so that your brand and business gets a boost.

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. Call to Action I think is the golden goal of a site. Easier, more understandable better- and also not to be the same cliche as others it would be better

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