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You have an exciting Lego design idea and your fingers are itching to get building. Now what do you do? Your first action should be to visit LEGO CUUSO and research the successful methods of project developers using the site. If you’re going to join their thriving community you must become fully versed in their best practice.

LEGO CUUSOO is where you can submit your ideas to be considered as future LEGO products, and lets you to vote on and discuss ideas to help the LEGO Group decide what to release next. They are always looking for new, original, and creative ideas! Here is some clear proven strategy to fully realise all your aspirations for your project – and if you’re lucky enough to be successful you’ll recive a 1% royalty on all sets sold.

[heading color=”black”]Make the Most of Your LEGO CUUSOO Project[/heading]

Plan Your Strategy

There’s no point entering your project half-heartedly. You must reach 10,000 supporters, which isn’t going to be easy, so plan your campaign strategy properly and conduct some committed research into ways of seizing and holding people’s attention.

Make Sure Your Project Is Unique

Take the time to check the internet, particularly on LEGO CUUSO, to see if your idea has already been made by someone else. A unique design has far more chance of being successful.

Make Sure Your Project Is Eye Catching

You need your project to grab hold of the viewer. The best way to do this is to make sure your idea is as strong and exciting as possible. Making a building from a famous film or TV programme is a good idea as you will have the opportunity to get their fans to become your followers. A reconstruction of a Hobbit Shire, for example. Photos should be nice and clear.

Keep the Number of Concurrent Projects Small

If you only work on one or two projects at a time you will be able to give them your full attention prior to, during and after the building. You might also find yourself keeping with your own projects to get to that target 10,000 supporters.

Your Written Description Must Be Clear, Concise and Engaging

Keep your description short, informative and well-written. No waffle, you want potential supporters to carry on reading, not drift off and move on. Add a little about the back story of your project and why people should pledge their support.

Use Strong Tags to Get Your Project Search Friendly

Devote a little time to collecting a range of strong tag terms that will get your project higher in search rankings. Your project page can be stunningly beautiful and written by a Pulitzer Prize winner, but if nobody finds the page it will remain unread.

Self Promotion Is Vital

Social media platforms enable a page to be created quickly and hassle free for your project. Use them to spread the word, they truly are invaluable. Look for websites with high relevance and try to get a post on them. For example, if you want to build Tony Stark’s HQ from the Iron Man films try to inform people about your project on a comic book fan site. If you want to build York Minster, post something on a tourist board or community site.

Last, But Certainly Not Least, Get the Most Out of LEGO CUUSOO

It’s imperative to use the crucial feedback of LEGO CUUSOO users. Be respectful and you’ll get respect back and a whole host of fantastic tips and constructive points about your project’s strengths and weaknesses. Fully engage with the community as a new contact could also be your next supporter.

So there we have it. Follow these (and all of CUUSOO’s) guidelines, get your project up and running and whether it’s Lewis Hamilton winning Silverstone or Amir Khan boxing in Las Vegas: Good Luck!

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