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Logo Design Process of Green Candy

Designing a logo is no easy task and there is a lot of thought and consideration that is put into the process in order to bring about the best design solution for your client. Depending upon the project scope an the amount of information you received from the creative brief a designer should be capable of designing a logo that is outstanding and in direct alignment with the project goals. In this post I will give a brief overview of my process of designing a logo in which I will give you an hands on approach that you can incorporate or add into your own process for designing logos.

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Step 1: Digestion of the creative brief and idea generation

The first thing I do before designing a logo or even hitting the sketch pad I go over the creative brief 3 times and write out all the relevant information on a big sketch pad. Its important that you don’t overwhelm your self with to much information but make sure your strip the creative brief down to its core an list anything that can help you generate ideas. When I am creating a logo the most effective technique that I use to generate ideas is combining concepts / visual elements to generate ideas; also by making variations of those ideas I get huge amounts of concepts to work from.  Below I included a sample for a client company name Green Candy NY.

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Step 2: Develop and color palette

Very rarely do my clients have an exact color they would like to incorporate into there logo design; so in order prevent my self from using colors that my clients will not like I simply create a color palette for them to choose from. By doing this I save a whole lot of time and energy which mean fewer revisions. Below is a sample for green candy.

Step 3: Font selections

The wrong front selection can make or break your logo design so it’s essential that you spend a considerable amount of time choosing a font that is appropriate for the project at hand. I suggest you pick 5 to 10 fonts and then systemically eliminate your front selections to three. Below are the font selections I choose for green candy.

Step 4: Sketches

I have personally sketched out over 30 possible logo designs for a project and I have sketched out only 10. When sketching it is important to allow you intuition to lead you on and let your ideas flow onto the paper. When I come to the point where I have to think to hard for ideas I simply lay my pencil down and choose the best sketches and start to take my sketch ideas into illustrator.  Below are the sketches I did for green candy.

Step 5: Final designs

It’s important to only submit 3 concepts to your client and no more; anything more than that will lead to whole a lot of “I like this but that is nice to”. After some minor tweaks the owner of Green Candy was in love with the logo I created. Below is the final design for Green Candy NY.

If you have any process you would like to share please add a comment.

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