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UPDATE: The winners have been contacted!

Inspirationfeed and are partnering up for a great giveaway. This next week you have the chance of winning one set of Futurico UI Pro – Advanced User Interface Elements Pack. Please take your chance and enter this awesome giveaway! Everybody loves free stuff, and here is a chance to win something you will actually use! Read on to see how you can win this excellent prize.

About Futurico UI Pro

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If you’re not familiar with Futurico UI Pro, here’s the scoop. Futurico UI Pro is the world’s biggest user interface elements pack. It contains more than 200 web design elements that can be used in any project no matter the style or the concept. The pack contains a set of elements added in one extraordinary collection and the good thing is that you can use them for any design or application.

All the elements from this pack are editable and available in PSD (fully layered), hence they can be easily integrated in any concept or design. This archive provides 3 sets of elements in different colors and 2 examples of web design where they have been used. You will get a better idea on how a single UI Kit can help you create plenty of different designs.

We would like to remind you about the first version of Futurico that you can download for free. The free version can be considered as a preview for Futurico UI Pro that had an enormous success as well when it was launched.

Prize Offered:

5 sets of Futurico UI Pro Element Packs. Winners will be given a specified download link.

How To Win

1. Answer this question in the comment section below: What purpose will you use this for?
2. 5 winners will be selected using, and contacted to claim their prize.
3. Contest ends on January 27th, 2011.
4. Re-tweet this article. (optional)

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. I would absolutely love to use this incredible kit for a personal project I’m currently working on called TimelyPapers (loads wallpapers at specific times and seasons, as opposed to after specific intervals of time).

    Check out the promo poster here:

  2. I would like this package because I am undertaking a business for mobile applications with a friend, we both fascinated to design our applications with such magnificent items.

  3. I am going to use the UI kit as work on my personal portfolio site and small business startup site I am designing in my free time.

  4. I will use these packs to design my own personal website. Also, as a HCI major student, I can learn the design from these packs.

  5. I would use this UI kit for my one page portfolio!

  6. I’ve never seen an UI kit like this. Futurico is just perfect. I’ll use it for various WordPress projects.

  7. I will use this UI kit to assist me on my web design course, so I can concentrate more on my coding ability as opposed to graphics.

  8. It’s easier to say what I’m not going to do with this UI.

  9. Great elements! Would love to use this to update my portfolio website – a long overdue task!

  10. I will use these pack to learn how to make better UI design and maybe for some things on my site.

  11. I would use it to design my new website.

  12. I would obviously use this to be awesome.

  13. I would use these elements to help in app development for iOS and Android. Thanks!

  14. Would like to use in an upcoming website design.

  15. I’ll use it for mobile web application. This is an awesome UI kits. Thank you.

  16. Hello, People, i want this because i love the news ui, with many difeences and unique stly, bye ; )

  17. I will use it for a guide to sort of come up with standard sizes to make my own buttons as well. I would like to use these in some of my fast non personal projects I am working on as well.

  18. I would use the UI in my mobile application (WIP)

  19. Very clean, stylish and modern. Absolutely love it!

    I’d use it for my website.

  20. I want this ui for my portfolio. ^^

  21. I keep saying that I’m going to create a website – I’ve had the URL for a couple of years now, and it’s even already hosted! – but I never seem to know where to start. This pack looks like just the ticket to get the ball rolling and finally get my website up and running! It would be a great start to 2012 both personally and professionally.

  22. I will use this for my next CMS project 🙂

  23. I will use this pack as a stepping stone for building my graphic design career.

  24. I would use it to help social causes communicate their messages to the public.

  25. This is awesome. I would use this on my website projects since it is so useful.

  26. As a designer, I will study and use them to create quick mocks for my ideas.

  27. I am working on a site with a user facing dashboard. Some of these elements would make the dashboard beautiful.

  28. I would love to create some fantastic CMS themes with these. Great stuff.

  29. I would love using this UI kit to spend less time creating interfaces and more time implementing them in front end development for training 🙂

  30. Creating quick mocks for my ideas.

  31. Free ui pizza pie!

  32. I would use it to close the gap between beginner and AWESOME!!

  33. I will use this amazing kit on my next big project! (A huge high performance yet simplistic network)

  34. I would juggling on how it crafted beautifully..and yes for some on going mock-up

  35. Yeap! Would love to win it! have been eyeing it up for a while now since the free version came out and would love to get the pro version! its got everything a person would need to help them grow as a UI designer!

  36. First off this is so amazing !!!!

    Secondly I would use it for future projects and primarily to learn to create such interfaces (btw I just started with UI design) … Seeing how they did those pixel perfect ui elements is mind blowing… !!! … I wish to gain more experience fromthis UI pack and hopefully create such beautiful interfaces myself …

  37. I would use Futurico to build an awesome bussiness app.

  38. New iPhone App!!

  39. wow, with this kit i´ll use it to study all the tecniques use by his creator to perfectioning my UI designing, and use it for my page and my blog, and segure I want to try put it on a movil site…

  40. I will use Futurico UI PRO kit for making an awesome portfolio website and high quality iPhone and iPad apps :D.

  41. I will be using this for wireframes, improving my own website, creating infographics, experimenting with phone apps and much, much more!

  42. With this amazing UI kit, I will use it for mobile web HTML5 applications.

  43. I will use this amazing UI kit for overhauling my portfolio website and creating high-quality mobile web HTML5 apps for my clients. 😀

  44. Looks pretty useful por a complete ComboApp (web, mobile and standalone all with dashboards).

    Nice work.

  45. I would use this to improve my skills, I would check the PSDs and see what filters they used and everything. It looks veeery neat.

  46. I would use this help me progress in website development, it looks like a superb tool.

  47. I would use it and make it live on desktop

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