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Cover photos for Facebook brand pages were all the rage when they were launched on March 30th of this year. These pages helped companies to get creative and further develop the brand, helped them highlight milestones in a company’s story, and even allowed brands to “pin” a specific post onto the top of the Timeline; thus allowing visitors to see any featured content right away.

Now that the timeline layout has been out for a while, companies have even more chances to be inspired. However, companies and individuals have stopped analyzing these pages because the Timeline is “old news.” Although this may be true in some sense, Facebook and utilizing Facebook as a tool for promotion is still alive and well—and the cover photo is still a huge part of that. There are still things that a company can learn from analyzing the Facebook pages of others. In fact, there are probably more lessons to be learned now that more companies are involved with the Facebook timeline than they were back in March. A few of things that a Facebook Timeline offers includes:

  • Highlighting activities on a Facebook page through photos.
  • Creating special tabs for things such as a company blog, contact information, notes about the company, etc.
  • Analysis of things such as audience and which posts generated the most clicks. In fact, Facebook just added new filter features for organic posts.
  • Allows a brand to pin the most important content to the top of the timeline. If you have an important announcement and you want to revisit that in one or two weeks, just pin it right to the top.

These timelines are full of inspiration, but where the real inspiration is found is through the cover photos. It is the first thing visitors see, and it’s a way to express your brand through a medium where many feel comfortable. In other words, it’s extremely important. Below some of my favorite company pages that really seemed to get it right in terms of design and functionality:

[heading color=”black”]Top 5 Most Interesting Facebook Brand Timeline Pages[/heading]

Tiffany & Co.

I love this page because it is so simple. The logo is still displayed in the profile picture, and the cover photo (the larger photo) represents elegance while using the company’s signature item—the diamond.


This page is an excellent example of how food/drinks can utilize the Timeline layout. This company could have put up a picture of someone drinking coffee or someone ordering coffee, but instead they put a picture of something that gets visitors thinking. You look at this photo and you can almost smell the coffee, and it makes you want it more. An excellent display of the power of visuals (not to mention the ice cube looks like a heart, which may or may not have been on purpose!).

The University of Oklahoma


I think this is one of the best brand pages because it really makes you stop and look. You can feel the spirit and the energy in the fans, and ultimately isn’t that something everyone wants from a University? It draws students in, and such a busy image really helps make the OU logo pop.

Cover Girl

This logo brings in something that has been working for them for years—celebrities. This company knows their audience, and they know that beautiful celebrities help to demonstrate the popularity of the product. They used their space to the fullest, and I think they will be rewarded for such a bold statement. They are featuring their new Cover Girl, something that all girls want to know!


This is one of my favorites because it displays several pictures as well as the company logo. I think it is important to display a company logo if at all possible, and I think that Coke does this in a very unique way. The image doesn’t look too cluttered, and I want to be that girl lying in the sun with a Coke.

The new layout gives brands an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to design and creativity. It’s clear that the timeline will allow customers to do a few different things:

First, the side-by-side layout makes it easy for customers to compare the engagement of the page both past and present. If a brand is ever inactive, there will be a huge space on the timeline (for example: 2011 might have nothing to show). This helps customers analyze you.

Second, you will be in control of what your audience sees. The filtering options help to make you less annoying to customers. In other words, they won’t have to see messages that don’t affect them.

Third, customers will have easy access to the tabs found on your website if you create the tabs on your Facebook page. This makes things easier for your visitors and should help your company show off what it can really offer.

Are there any Facebook Timeline cover photos that give you inspiration? Do you have a cover photo that you worked hard to create? Let us know in the comments below!

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